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WebdriverIO Test Reporter Service

WDIO service that takes results from wdio-test-reporter and uploads them to testreporter.io

testreporter.io stores and tracks all test runs with extensive details about each test. This gives you a historical overivew of how your tests are running.

Setup is very simple. All you need to do is add the service and reporter to the services and reporters arrays in your wdio.conf.js file.

Install the service

npm install wdio-test-reporter-service

Add the service to the services array in wdio.conf.js

services: [['test-reporter', {
	reporterOutputDir : `./testreporter`,      // This must match the outputDir from the wdio-test-reporter
	username          : `jenkins@foobar.com`,  // console.testreporter.io username
	apiToken          : `12345`,               // Found in the console.testreporter.io under your proifle section
	projectId         : 123,                   // Only needed if using more than one project
	codeVersion       : `2.8.10`,              // The code version can also be set here

Add the wdio-test-reporter to the reporters array in wdio.conf.js

npm install wdio-test-reporter
reporters : [[`test`, {
	outputDir : `./testreporter`

Environment variables

Environment variables can be set when running tests that the server will use to add to the results

  • RUN_TITLE - Title of the test run. This might be somthing like a Jira issue key. Defaults to a timestamp if not specified
  • RUN_UUID - UUID which can be used to directly link to the test run results. e.g. https://console.testreporter.io/runs/
  • CODE_VERSION - Set the version of code this test run ran against


npm i wdio-test-reporter-service

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