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WayScript JS

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A rapid scripting platform for developers.

WayScript allows you to run Python in the cloud, and seamlessly integrate with your favorite APIs.

Trigger scripts on any event or schedule.

Quick Start

If you use npm:

npm install wayscript

Or load directly from CDN:

<script src="https://cdn.wayscript.com/static/js/api/wayscript-legacy.0.1.2.js"></script>

Basic Usage

  1. Add one or more HTTP Triggers to your script.

  2. If you have a password-protected endpoint, obtain your API key or the credentials you would like to use.

  3. If you have specified a custom endpoint, you will need to pass the name of that endpoint in your api call.

  4. If your HTTP Trigger takes query parameters and/or JSON body parameters, you can pass those as a dictionary using the params and/or data arguments, respectively. (See HTTP Trigger Outputs for more information.)

  5. Run your WayScript programs from your JavaScript code:

wayscript = require('wayscript-legacy')

// If your program requires a password to run, supply those credentials when creating the client
wayscript.username = 'Username';
wayscript.password = 'Pa$$word';

// If your program requires a password to run, you can instead supply your API Key when creating the client
wayscript.apiKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY';

// Run a program by id
let programId = 1234;
wayscript.run( programId );

// Pass query parameters to a program (optional)
let query_params = { 'var1': 'one', 'var2': 'two', 'var3': 'three' };
wayscript.run( programId, params = query_params );

// Run a specific endpoint within your script (optional)
let endpoint = 'MyEndpoint';
wayscript.run( programId, endpoint, params = query_params );

// Pass data within the body of your request (optional)
let body_params = { 'var4': 'four', 'var5': 'five', 'bar6': 'six' };
wayscript.run( programId, endpoint, params = query_params, data = body_params );

// Handle the response
let onSuccess = function( responseText ) {
  console.log( responseText );
let onError = function( responseText ) {
  console.log( responseText );
wayscript.run( programId ).onSuccess( onSuccess ).onError( onError );

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