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    Waterlock Local Auth

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    waterlock-local-auth is a module for waterlock providing a local authentication method for users either based on username or email.


    npm install waterlock-local-auth

    set the following option in your waterlock.js config file

            name: "waterlock-local-auth",
            passwordReset: {
                tokens: boolean, // object containing information regarding password resets
                // object containing information about your smtp server, see nodemailer
                mail: {
                    options: string, // how it is use te transport method, see nodemailer
                    from: string, // the from address
                    subject: string, // the email subject for password reset emails
                    forwardUrl: string // the url to send the user to after they have clicked the password reset link in their inbox (e.g. a form on your site which POST to `/auth/reset`)
                // object containing template information for the reset emails
                    file: string, // the relative path to the `jade` template for the reset emails
                    vars: object, // object containing any vars you want passed to the template for rendering
            createOnNotFound: boolean // should local auth try to create the user on a failed login attempt, good if you do not want to implement a registration form.

    Auth Model

    Local auth adds the following attributes onto the Auth model

      email: {
        type: 'email',
        unique: true
      password: {
        type: 'STRING',
        minLength: 8
      resetToken: {
        model: 'resetToken'

    with the way waterlock is designed and this model you can override any of these attributes, also if you want to use a username instead of an email address you can drop in the username attribute which is a signification key causing local auth to use that to authenticate.

    Password reset

    Waterlock uses nodemailer to send password reset emails. The options in the config file are applied to nodemailer as such

    var mail = config.passwordReset.mail;
    nodemailer.createTransport(mail.protocol, mail.options);

    if you choose to go with this option then a user upon visiting the url /auth/reset with a post param of email will receieve an email at that address with the reset url. This url upon clicked with be validated against the server to ensure it's still within the time window allotted for a password reset. If so will set the resetToken session variable. After this if you have set a forwardUrl in your waterlock.js config file the user will be forwarded to this page.

    If you want to take advantage of the built in reset itself have the page you sent your user to above POST to /auth/reset with the post param of password If all is well a password reset will be issued.


    You can customize the email template used in the password reset via the template file defined in config/waterlock.js this template file is rendered with the fun and dynamic jade markup, the view var url is generated and passed to it when a user requests and password reset. You can customize this template to your liking and pass any other view vars you wish to it via the vars options in the js file.

    Your user can simply try to login to /login if the user is not found one will be created using waterlines findOrCreate method


    npm i waterlock-local-auth

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