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Convert a remote WADL file into a JSON equivalent. See the swagger spec for further information about the format of the JSON returned.

See rbelouin/wadl-client for generating a javascript client from a swagger json file.

How to use it

You can parse a WADL string, a WADL file, or a remote WADL file:

var wadl2json = require("wadl2json");
var options = {
  sort: false, // set it to true if you want to sort operations and verbs in the alphabetical order 
  stringify: false, // set it to true if you want to get a string instead of an object 
  prettify: false, // set it to true if you want to get an indented string (stringify=true required) 
  title: "Simple API", // the title of the API (required) 
  description: "Simple API description", // the description of the API (required) 
  version: "1.4.2", // the version of the API (required) 
  blacklist: ["/internal"] // the path roots you want to blacklist 
var swaggerFromString = wadl2json.fromString("<wadl content>", options);
var swaggerFromFile = wadl2json.fromFile("./wadl-content.wadl", options);
var swaggerFromURL = wadl2json.fromURL("", options);

How to build

Please install node and npm on your system. Then:

  npm install
  npm test