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Runs a pa11y scan using Selenium and Chrome Driver or using SauceLabs.


Start Selenium and run scan using Chrome Driver


Run using SauceLabs with connections tunneling back to your computer

export SAUCE_USERNAME=yourusername
export SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
wa11y --sauce --tunnel

Command line options

  • --sauce - if present, runs on SauceLabs
  • --tunnel - if present, opens tunnel back to host
  • --browser - webdriver browser name. Defaults to chrome
  • --version - webdriver browser version. Defaults to latest
  • --platform - webdriver platform. Defaults to OS X 10.11
  • --verbose - if present, logs verbosely
  • --ignore - semi-colin delimited list of violations to ignore
  • --rootElement - css selector of root element to scan. Defaults to body