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    utility::Testing status stable

    Framework for convenient unit testing. Utility Testing provides the intuitive interface, simple tests structure, asynchronous code handling mechanism, colorful report, verbosity control and more. Use the module to get free of routines which can be automated.


    Why wTesting?

    • Simple test syntax
    • Simple grouping of test cases
    • Running of group of test suites and running of separate test suite
    • Testing of separate routines
    • Colorful report
    • Verbosity control
    • Enhanced test checks messages
    • Displaying code of test case in report
    • Async function support
    • Abstract test suites
    • Runs tests concurrently


    To install :

    npm install -g wTesting@stable

    Test files

    Name of test file should has the suffix .test so that the testing utility could find and run it. Create a test file First.test.js in any project directory

    require( 'wTesting' );
    function myTest( test )
      /* describe what is going to happen */ = 'info about test case';
      /* do it and save results */
      var got = 'abc'.indexOf( 'a' );
      var expected = 0;
      /* compare result with expected */
      test.identical( got, expected );
    Map that describes test suit, contains
    - name of the suit,
    - map of test routines
    - and other options
    var testSuite =
      name : 'name of my test suit',
      tests :
          myTest : myTest
    /* Initilize test suit */
    testSuite = wTestSuite( testSuite );
    /* Run all tests of the suit */
    wTester.test( );

    Running tests

    tst .run ./someDirectory

    Running all test suites in directory by utility Testing. To run file First.test.js run command tst .run ./ in directory of file.

    tst .run ./path/to/suite

    Running of separate test suite by utility Testing.

    node ./path/to/suite

    Running of separate test suite by NodeJS directly.

    Running options

    Utility provides more control of testing process by running options. It is control parameters of the testing that is passed to the run command.

    tst .run ./someDirectory verbosity:5

    Option verbosity - change amount of output test information. Accepts a value from 0 to 9. Default value is 4.

    tst .run ./path/to/suite routine:someRoutine

    Option routine - used to test separate test routine. Accepts name of test routine.

    tst .run ./someDirectory testRoutineTimeOut:10000

    Option testRoutineTimeOut - limits the testing time for test routines. Accepts time in milliseconds. Default value is 5000ms.


    Please see documentation in the doc directory.

    For gentle introduction use tutorials. For getting exhaustive information on one or another aspect use list of concepts to find a concept of interest and get familiar with it.

    Cheat sheet

    All information about utility in short form given in cheat sheet.

    Quick references


    npm i wTesting

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