Get ten most popular screen resolutions, browsers, operating system and countries


An API for w3counter to get the most popular countries, operating systems, screen resolutions and web browsers

$ npm install --save w3counter
var w3counter = require('w3counter');
w3counter('browser', function (errdata) {
    //=> [{item: 'Chrome 34', percent: '20.71%'}, {item: 'Firefox 28', percent: '13.04%'}, ...] 
w3counter('res', function (errdata) {
    //=> [{item: '1366x768', percent: '20.34%'}, {item: '1280x800', percent: '9.23%'}, ...] 

Returns an array with the ten most popular items from the type you provided from w3counter.com.

Type: string

What type of items to get. Available types are:

  • browser — Ten most popular web browsers
  • country — Ten most popular countries
  • os — Ten most popular operating systems
  • res — Ten most popular screen resolutions

Type: function

Type: array

An array of objects containing the results.

$ npm install --global w3counter
$ w3counter --help
    $ w3counter <type>
    $ w3counter browser
    $ w3counter country
    $ w3counter os
    $ w3counter res

MIT © Kevin Mårtensson