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by Websecurify


VxDocker is a Vortex wrapper for Docker. The purpose of VxDocker is to make seamless integration between docker and operating systems, which do not support LXS containers such as Windows and Mac OS.


The easiest way to install VxDocker is via node's npm. You need to have nodejs installed for this. Simply type the following command:

npm install -g vxdocker

An alternative approach is to just copy the source files and execute them manually though nodejs.


Once the tool is installed, it is as easy to use as docker itself. For example:

vxdocker images 				# lists all images
vxdocker run ubuntu ls -la 		# performs a list inside the ubuntu docker image

Essentially the docker command doesn't change, it is only mapped to vxdocker instead.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes, VxDocker uses Vortex to boot a virtual machine in VirtualBox and fire up docker itself. The first time you run the vxdocker command you will notice a delay. This is due to the booting of the virtual machine. The virtual machine will be automatically destroyed after 30 minutes of inactivity.