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    Vue Use State Effect

    CAUTION: Built and tested for/with Vue 3 and/or Nuxt 3 (RC-2).

    Fast and small library, built on top of the native scopeEffect Vue 3 API that will provide safe and sharable (across the app) state for your local composables and functions. It might be a good replacement for Vuex or Pinia state management, if you need smaller and less extensive solution.

    Check out the Stackblitz Nuxt 3 demo here. 🚀

    Motivation / Story

    You can read all about the technical background and all the details in this article.

    Configuration (docs) and examples can be found here.


    Install the package:

    $ npm i vue-use-state-effect --save
    # or
    $ yarn add vue-use-state-effect


    Create local composable with some state and pass it to the useStateEffect.

    import { useStateEffect } from 'vue-use-state-effect'
    const composable = () => {
      /* your composable logic here */
    export const useSharedComposable = useStateEffect(composable, { ...config })

    Interface (TypeScript).

    interface UseStateEffectConfig {
      readonly name?: string | null
      readonly destroy?: boolean | 'custom'
      readonly debug?: boolean
    export type UseStateEffectOptions<T = any> = {
      destroyLabels: string[]
      props: ExtractPropTypes<{ stateEffectDestroyLabel: string } | T>
    export function useStateEffect<T extends (...args: any[]) => ReturnType<T>>(
      composable: T,
      config?: UseStateEffectConfig,
    ): (opts?: UseStateEffectOptions<opts.props>) => {
      [keyof in string | 'state']: ReturnType<T>

    Please check the configuration, all the details and examples here.

    Support: Want to support? Buy me a coffee or sponsor me via GitHub.

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    npm i vue-use-state-effect

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