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vue-typescript-import-dts Build Status npm version

TypeScript declaration file that allows using import with *.vue files. The primary use case is a bundler environment like Browserify with vueify. The file itself consists of 5 lines; this package is just for convenience.

CommonJS vs. ES6 modules

There are two current versions: version 2.x for a CommonJS environment, e.g., Browserify/vueify and version 3.x for an ES6 environment that uses export default.


This package requires TypeScript 2 and Vue.js 2, which ships with new type definitions in the Vue.js package itself. Both must be installed separately in your project, which allows choosing a suitable version.

  1. Install

    • For ES6 modules: npm install vue-typescript-import-dts --save-dev
    • For CommonJS: npm install vue-typescript-import-dts@2 --save-dev
  2. Import (one of):

    • Import this module before the import of a .vue file: import 'vue-typescript-import-dts'
    • ... or include it in the types field of your tsconfig.json to globally allow using import with .vue files in your project:
    "compilerOptions": {
        "types": ["vue-typescript-import-dts"],

Then, it is possible to import a *.vue file:

  • For ES6 modules: import Child from './child.vue'
  • For CommonJS, one of:
    • import Child = require('./child.vue')
    • import * as Child from './child.vue'

Note: TypeScript will not type check, parse, or even verify the existence of the .vue file: this project only instructs the TypeScript compiler to assume the import of 'something' that ends with .vue succeeds and is a Vue.ComponentOptions<Vue> object.

Shameless Plug

If you are using TypeScript 2 together with Vue.js 2, you might also be interested in

  • vue-typescript-component to use TypeScript classes as Vue.js components
  • vue-typescript-jest to test Vue.js components and TypeScript sources using Jest
  • vue-jest-utils to simplify snapshot testing of Vue.js components using Jest and html2jade
  • vue-typescript-component-example as an example for this package and the projects above that shows a TypeScript/Tsify/Vue.js/Vueify/Pug setup supporting Hot Module Replacement and unit/snapshot testing with Jest