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TypeScript declaration file that allows using import with *.vue files. The primary use case is a bundler environment like Browserify with vueify. The file itself consists of 5 lines; this package is just for convenience.


This package requires TypeScript 2 and Vue.js 2, which ships with new type definitions in the Vue.js package itself. Both must be installed separately in your project, which allows choosing a suitable version.

  1. Install: npm install vue-typescript-import-dts --save-dev

  2. Include it in the types field of your tsconfig.json

    "compilerOptions": {
        "types": ["vue-typescript-import-dts"],

Then, it is possible to import a *.vue file:

import Child from './child.vue'

Note: TypeScript will not type check, parse, or even verify the existence of the .vue file: this project only instructs the TypeScript compiler to assume the import of 'something' that ends with .vue succeeds and is a Vue.ComponentOptions<Vue> object.

CommonJS Compatibility Syntax

Please not that 3.0 of this package uses ES6 export default which also changes the import syntax to the example above. Please use version 2.0 if you prefer the CommonJS compatibility syntax:

import Child = require('./child.vue')
// or 
import * as Child from './child.vue'

Shameless Plug

If you are using TypeScript 2 together with Vue.js 2, you might also be interested in

  • vue-typescript-component to use TypeScript classes as Vue.js components
  • vue-typescript-jest to test Vue.js components and TypeScript sources using Jest
  • vue-jest-utils to simplify snapshot testing of Vue.js components using Jest and html2jade
  • vue-typescript-component-example as an example for this package and the projects above that shows a TypeScript/Tsify/Vue.js/Vueify/Pug setup supporting Hot Module Replacement and unit/snapshot testing with Jest