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Vue Tag Manager

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Simple Google Tag Manager implementation for Vue


Simple setup:

import Vue from "vue"
import VueTagManager from "vue-tag-manager"
// Do this before creating the Vue app
Vue.use(VueTagManager, {
    gtmId: 'GTM-XXXXXX'
new Vue({...})

Later in app:

Vue.gtm.push({ event: 'some-event' })
// or in a component
this.$gtm.push({ event: 'some-event' })

or in a template:

<button @click="$gtm.push({ event: 'some-event' })">

Configuration Options

Option Description Type Default Is Required?
gtmId Google Tag Manager ID string - Yes
queryParams Additional parameters to add to the script URL, including gtm_preview and gtm_auth for environment switching object {} No
dataLayer Initialise the GTM datalayer with variables. object undefined No
dataLayerName The Data Layer variable name string "dataLayer" No


push(entry: Object)

const entry = {event: 'something'}
// or

On a TagManager instance, this method allows you to push events onto the initialised data layer. See the Google Tag Manager documentation for more details on event tracking with GTM.

Native Implementation

While this library is mainly for Vue, the core Tag Manager is just a javascript object, so it's been exported too. It can be used as such:

    <script src=""></script> 
            gtmId: 'GTM-KG7LSMH'
<!-- In code later -->
    window.TagManager.push({event: "something"})


  • Initital implementation from React GTM
  • Basic Vue Plugin
  • Shell out tests
  • Simplify the URL + snippet generation and injection
  • Vue prototype property
  • Basic implementation - don't break on SSR
  • Vue auto-track router
  • Vue track directive
  • More through docs with examples
  • SSR support

Why need another GTM library?

Initially used vue-gtm which is a great library, but wanted to be able to programatically configure the GTMID and initial DataLayer.

Really liked the React GTM script injection dev experience, and liked the Vue GTM dev and track experience (as a Vue Plugin, with the $gtm interface). So this plugin aims to combine both of them into this simple library.

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