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Vue component to connect your dapp to Sui blockchain.

Includes suidouble library for easier interaction with Move smart contracts.


demo page


npm install vue-sui --save


There're two components defined. Styled one:

import { SignInWithSuiButton } from 'vue-sui';

and basic handler displaying just text in spans you can put into any button or call via method:

import { SignInWithSui } from 'vue-sui';

    <button @click="this.$refs.sui.onClick();"><SignInWithSui ref="sui" /></button>

you can also hide displaying text at all, keeping methods functionality:

import { SignInWithSui } from 'vue-sui';

    <button @click="this.$refs.sui.onClick();">Connect to Sui</button>
    <SignInWithSui ref="sui" :visible="false" />


Both SignInWithSui and SignInWithSuiButtons emit very same set of events. Basically SignInWithSuiButtons is just a styled wrapper over SignInWithSui. So feel free to use any.

Provider: provider

Emits an instance of Sui's JsonRpcProvider class connected to the defaultChain blockchain. Usually it's emited very soon after SignInWithSui component is mounted (and doesn't require user to connect her/his wallet), and lets you interact with blockchain in read-only way right after the page load:

<SignInWithSui @provider="onProvider" defaultChain="sui:mainnet" />

onProvider = async (provider) => {
    const data = await provider.getObject({id: '0xcc2bd176a478baea9a0de7a24cd927661cc6e860d5bacecb9a138ef20dbab231'});

Adapter: adapter

Emits an instance of SuiInBrowserAdapter, which follows the logic of StandartAdapter with functions of signAndExecuteTransactionBlock, signTransactionBlock, signMessage, and disconnect. Note that disconnect is not always available (there's no in Sui Wallet) and you may have to ask users to sign off directly in wallet extension.

<SignInWithSuiButton @adapter="onAdapter" defaultChain="sui:mainnet" />

onAdapter = async (adapter) => {
    const tx = new sui.TransactionBlock();
    const data = await adapter.signAndExecuteTransactionBlock({transactionBlock: tx});

SuiMaster: suiMaster

Instance of high-level Sui smart contracts library - suidouble for interaction with smart contracts. Emited on initialization or when defaultChain parameter changed with instance of of suidouble SuiMaster, to let you interact with blockchain in read-only mode:

<SignInWithSuiButton @suiMaster="onSuiMaster" defaultChain="sui:mainnet" />

async onSuiMaster(suiMaster) {
    const currentChain = suiMaster.connectedChain; // chain id, `sui:mainnet`  `sui:testnet` etc
    const instanceN = suiMaster.instanceN; // you may get few events when state changed, so you may check if it's same instance you had before

    // and interact with blockchain. Read more in suidouble documentation
    const pkg = suiMaster.package({
        id: packageId,
    const module = await pkg.getModule('suidouble_color');

    const eventsResponse = await module.fetchEvents({eventTypeName: 'ColorCreated', order: 'descending'});
    // if you are connected, you can also execute contract methods:
    let result = await module.moveCall('mint', ['test', 23]);
    // etc

Connected: connected

Emited when use allows access to signing txs with her/hist wallet browser extension. Pass the instance of suidouble's SuiInBrowser class as a parameter:

<SignInWithSuiButton @connected="onConnected" />

async onConnected(suiInBrowser) {
    const provider = await suiInBrowser.getProvider(); // instance of JsonRpcProvider
    const suiMaster = await suiInBrowser.getSuiMaster(); // instance of suidouble SuiMaster instance
    const currentChain = suiInBrowser.getCurrentChain(); // chain id, `sui:mainnet`  `sui:testnet` etc
    const connectedAddress = suiInBrowser.getAddress(); // "0x42ff3..."

Note: it's emited when use switch chain in her/his wallet extension too. So you may get few events in the lifetime of application.

Disconnected: disconnected

<SignInWithSuiButton @disconnected="onDisconnected" />

onDisconnected() {
    // connectedAddress is null now



chain to require connection too. Possible options are: sui:mainnet sui:devnet sui:testnet sui:local

<SignInWithSuiButton defaultChain="sui:mainnet" />

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