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    Vue Scrollama

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    A Vue component to easily setup scroll-driven interactions (aka scrollytelling). Uses Scrollama under the hood.

    The best way to understand what it can do for you is to check out the examples here and here.


    Recommended updating to v2.0.0 or later, a few previous versions were reported to have unreliable event triggering on mobile devices. Release notes here.


    npm install vue-scrollama intersection-observer

    Scrollama makes use of IntersectionObserver and you'll want to manually add its polyfill intersection-observer for cross-browser support.

    Basic Usage

    Any elements placed directly inside a Scrollama component will be considered as steps. As the user scrolls, events will be triggered and emitted which you can handle as required:

    • step-enter: when the top or bottom edge of a step element enters the offset threshold
    • step-exit: when the top or bottom edge of a step element exits the offset threshold
    • step-progress: continually fires the progress (0-1) a step has made through the threshold

    Here's a simple example with three <div> elements as steps and a step-enter event

      <Scrollama @step-enter="stepEnterHandler">
        <div class="step-1" data-step="a">...</div> // classes like .step-1 may be used to adjust the style and dimensions of a step
        <div class="step-2" data-step="b">...</div> // data-* attributes can be helpful to store instructions to be used in handlers
        <div class="step-3" data-step="c">...</div>
    import 'intersection-observer' // for cross-browser support
    import Scrollama from 'vue-scrollama' // local registration in this example, can also be globally registered
    export default {
      components: {
        Scrollama // local registration in this example, can also be globally registered 
      methods: {
        stepEnterHandler ({element, index, direction}) {
          // handle the step-event as required here
          console.log({ element, index, direction });
          // use the data attributes if needed
          console.log(element.dataset.step) // a, b or c 

    Scrollama Options

    Props passed to the Scrollama component will be passed on to scrollama's setup method:

    // example with offset set to 0.8
      <Scrollama @step-enter="stepHandler" :offset="0.8">



    Note: The triggering might not work precisely in the split window browser in CodeSandbox. Open in a new window for more precise triggering.

    and more.


    Example repo here.

    Release Notes


    • Updated in accordance with the latest scrollama API
    • Breaking: No more graphic slot, create your graphic outside the Scrollama component now and style it as per your needs (have a look at the examples above for guidance)
    • DOM scaffolding generated by Scrollama has been simplified
    • No need to import CSS any more, the DOM scaffolding is just one div and can be styled by adding classes or styles on the Scrollama component
    • This update also fixes some buggy behaviour observed on mobile devices


    npm i vue-scrollama

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