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Pinch zoom for Vue

Vue library for images scaling and dragging with touch screen gestures.

Live demo can be found on home page.


Install the npm package.

npm i vue-pinch-zoom

Import module:

import PinchZoom from 'vue-pinch-zoom';

Vue.component('pinch-zoom', PinchZoom);


Put an image inside the <pinch-zoom> container, its content will be scaled with a pinch zoom.

    <img src="..." /> 


name type default description
transitionDuration number 200 Defines the speed of the animation of positioning and transforming.
limitZoom number, "original image size" "original image size" Limit the maximum available scale. By default, the maximum scale is calculated based on the original image size.
minScale number 0 Limit the minimum acceptable scale. With a value of 1, it is recommended to use this parameter with limitPan
autoZoomOut boolean false Automatic restoration of the original size of an image after its zooming in by two fingers.
doubleTap boolean true Zooming in and zooming out of an image, depending on its current condition, with double tap.
disabled boolean false Disable zoom.
disablePan boolean false Turn off panning with one finger.
overflow "hidden", "visible" "hidden" hidden - the overflow is clipped, and the rest of the content will be invisible. visible - the overflow is not clipped. The content renders outside the element's box.
disableZoomControl "disable", "never", "auto" "auto" Disable zoom controls. auto - Disable zoom controls on touch screen devices. never - show zoom controls on all devices. disable - disable zoom controls on all devices.
zoomControlScale number 1 Zoom factor when using zoom controls.
backgroundColor string "rgba(0,0,0,0.85)" The background color of the container.
limitPan boolean false Stop panning when the edge of the image reaches the edge of the screen.
listeners "auto", "mouse and touch" "mouse and touch" By default, subscriptions are made for mouse and touch screen events. The value auto means that the subscription will be only for touch events or only for mouse events, depending on the type of screen.
wheel boolean true Scale with the mouse wheel.
wheelZoomFactor number 0.2 Zoom factor when zoomed in with the mouse wheel.
autoHeight boolean false Calculate the height of the container based on the width and height attributes of the image. By default, the width of the container is 100%, and the height is determined after the image information is loaded - this may cause a delay in determining the height of the container. If you want the container to initially have dimensions corresponding to the dimensions of the image, then specify the attributes width and height for the <img> tag. When setting the property value to true, a subscription to the window resize listener will be created.
draggableImage boolean true Sets the attribute draggable to the <img> tag.


name description
toggleZoom() Image zooming in and out, depending on its current state.
destroy() Unsubscribe from mouse events and touches, as well as remove added styles from the DOM tree.

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