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Vue OSS Image

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A custom directive designed for Vue 3 to generate Alibaba Cloud OSS image URLs.

Quick Start

npm install vue-oss-image --save
import { createApp } from 'vue'
import VueOssImage from 'vue-oss-image'
import App from './App.vue'

const app = createApp(App)
app.use(VueOssImage, {
  // global options
  host: '',
  resizeMode: 'fill'
<img v-img="'example.jpg'">
<!-- => src="" -->

<img v-img="{ host: '', path: '/example.jpg', width: 100, height: 50, ratio: 2 }">
<!-- => src=",m_fill,w_200,h_100" -->

<div v-img="{ path: 'example.jpg' }"></div>
<!-- => style.backgroundImage = 'url(' -->


Name Global Directive .compose Description
quality [Number] Quality, supports integers from 1 to 100
format [String] Format conversion, supports webp jpg png bmp gif tiff
resizeMode [String] Resize mode, supports fill lfit mfit pad fixed, default is fill
ratio [Number] Resize ratio, default is window.devicePixelRatio
loading 🚫 [String] Displayed during loading, with other behaviors consistent with path
error 🚫 [String] Displayed in case of loading error, with other behaviors consistent with path
attr 🚫 [String] Specify the attribute for replacing the image URL, default is determined based on the element's tagName
host [String] The prefix for the image URL
path 🚫 [String] If it starts with http(s)://, host will be ignored. If it's a base64 image, it will be returned as a complete URL
width 🚫 [Number] Cannot be used with long or short
height 🚫 [Number] Cannot be used with long or short
long 🚫 [Number] Cannot be used with width or height
short 🚫 [Number] Cannot be used with width or height

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Advanced Usage

Custom Properties and Methods

const myOssImage = VueOssImage.create({
  // global options
myOssImage.prototype.$compose = () => {}
// Using myOssImage instead of the global options object
app.use(VueOssImage, myOssImage)

Custom Directive Name

const myOssImage = VueOssImage.create({
  // global options
// In this case, there's no need to use `app.use`
app.directive('my-directive', VueOssImage.createHooks(myOssImage))

Using with the VueLazyload Library

// <script setup>
const loadingUrl = VueOssImage.compose({
  host: '',
  path: 'loading.png'
const errorUrl = VueOssImage.compose({
  host: '',
  path: 'error.png'
<div v-lazy-container="{ selector: 'img', loading: loadingUrl, error: errorUrl }">
  <img v-img="{ path: 'example.jpg', attr: 'data-src' }">

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