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    A drag and drop kanban board component



    Vue CLI

    You can install this plugin through the Vue CLI

    vue add vue-cli-plugin-kanban

    Manual installation

    Add vue-kanban to your project with npm

    npm install vue-kanban

    ... or yarn

    yarn add vue-kanban

    Then install the plugin in your entry file

    import vueKanban from 'vue-kanban'

    Basic Usage

    The kanban-board component has been added globally to your project and so can be used in your templates without having to explicitly import it.

    <kanban-board :stages="stages" :blocks="blocks"></kanban-board>

    Required Props

    • stages: an array of stages for the kanban board
    • blocks: an array of objects that will make up the blocks on the kanban board
      stages: ['on-hold', 'in-progress', 'needs-review', 'approved'],
      blocks: [
          id: 1,
          status: 'on-hold',
          title: 'Test',

    Advanced Props

    • config: an object of dragula options to be passed to the kanban board, see dragula docs for more details
    • state-machine-config: an xstate config object that can be used to manage the kanban board, read here for more details
      config: {
        // Don't allow blocks to be moved out of the approved stage
        accepts(block, target, source) {
          return source.dataset.status !== 'approved',

    Receiving Changes

    The component will emit an event when a block is moved

    <kanban-board :stages="stages" :blocks="blocks" @update-block="updateBlock"></kanban-board>
      methods: {
        updateBlock(id, status) {
          this.blocks.find(b => b.id === Number(id)).status = status;

    Add some style

    I have included a scss stylesheet in this repo as a starting point that can be used in your project

    <style lang="scss">
      @import './assets/kanban.scss';

    Customize the kanban blocks

    Each block has a named slot which can be extended from the parent, like so...

    <kanban-board :stages="stages" :blocks="blocks" @update-block="updateBlock">
      <div v-for="stage in stages" :slot="stage" :key="stage">
        <h2>{{ stage }}</h2>
      <div v-for="block in blocks" :slot="block.id" :key="block.id">
          <strong>id:</strong> {{ block.id }}
          {{ block.title }}

    State machine

    Vue-kanban is now compatible with xstate state machines.

    You can pass an xstate config as a prop and the Kanban board will use the state machine to restrict which moves are allowed.

    As an example we can achieve the following workflow

    Read more words!

    With the following config

    stateMachineConfig: {
      id: 'kanban',
      initial: 'on-hold',
      states: {
        'on-hold': {
          on: {
            PICK_UP: 'in-progress',
        'in-progress': {
          on: {
            RELINQUISH_TASK: 'on-hold',
            PUSH_TO_QA: 'needs-review',
        'needs-review': {
          on: {
            REQUEST_CHANGE: 'in-progress',
            PASS_QA: 'approved',
        approved: {
          type: 'final',




    npm i vue-kanban

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