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    Vue Hotjar

    This is a VueJs plugin that will allow you to easily add Hotjar to any Vue project. Some key benefits allow you to activate or deactivate tracking based on the environment and in some more advanced use cases you have access to $hj. This is a global property that gives you access to the identify API and other functions to pass data to Hotjar.


    npm install vue-hotjar

    Start using it in your Vue application.

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import Hotjar from 'vue-hotjar'
    Vue.use (Hotjar, {
      id: 'XXXXXXX' // Hotjar Site ID



    Your Hotjar Site ID is a required parameter. You can find this ID at under tracking.

    id: 'XXXXXXX' 


    If you would like to disable or enable tracking, pass in either true or false. It is advised to bind your Node ENV variable. This is an optional parameter and will default to true if not specified.

    isProduction: true 


    This optional parameter does not need to be specified as it will default to the latest Hotjar Snippet version. Currently, it will default to version 6.

    snippetVersion: 6 

    Full Example

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import Hotjar from 'vue-hotjar'
    Vue.use (Hotjar, {
      id: 'XXXXXXX',
      isProduction: true,
      snippetVersion: 6

    Verify Installation

    In order to verify your installation in a production environment or whenever the isProduction parameter is set to true, you can simply navigate to the below URL. If the installation is successful you should see a notification appear on your website indicating that Hotjar is receiving data and your implementation is successful.


    Additionally you can verify the install by logging in to and view the tracking status.

    HotJar API

    instead of accessing HotJar through window.hj you can simply interact with the API via the a Vue global property $hj.

    Important To Note:

    • The global property $hj will return false if isProduction is set to false. Thus it is required to wrap your method in a simple if statement as per the examples below.

    • This functionality is only available if your Vue version is 2.x.x. For Vue Next users this is disabled for compatibility.

    Track Changes Manually

    if (this.$hj) {
      this.$hj('stateChange', '/your/url/here')

    Virtual Page View

    if (this.$hj) {
      this.$hj('vpv', 'funnel-step-one')

    Identify API (Business Plan)

    if (this.$hj) {
      this.$hj('identify', userId, {
        email: '',
        purchase_amount: 500,
        ab_test: 'variant-A',

    Supported Vue Versions

    • Vue ^2.0.0 is fully supported.

    • Vue ^3.0.0 is partially supported. TypeScript users will experience issues with typings due to the interface updates in Vue Next.


    npm i vue-hotjar

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