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A deadly simple Vue.js plugin to consume GitHub API.

Head to the extensive JSDoc API documentation for vue-github-api, or keep on reading for an easy process to integrate it in your application.

Using it

Install and import

npm install vue-github-api

In your main application JS file (typically main.js if you are using vue-cli webpack template), simply use the plugin:

// vue-resource is needed too
import VueResource from 'vue-resource'
// import vue-github-api
import GitHubAPI from 'vue-github-api'
Vue.use(GitHubAPI, { token: 'user Personal Access Token' })

You can configure application wide options while Vue.use'ing this plugin:

Name Description
token one of your GitHub user Personal Access Token to connect to the API

Consume GitHub API

From anywhere now, you can simply consume GitHub API:

Vue.GitHubAPI.get('/projects', {}, [this.myGitHubData, 'projects'])

You can also use it in your .vue components with this.GitHubAPI:

this.GitHubAPI.get('/projects', {}, [this.myGitHubData, 'projects'])

That was it! Now that you are bootstrapped in, have a look at all the methods available to you in the extensive JSDoc API documentation available on these auto-generated GitLab Pages.

Important: if you want your filled-in property this.myGitHubData.projects to be reactive "the Vue.js way", you MUST define this variable as a data in your components or vues, with a default value of an empty object (read myGitHubData: {}). See how to do it on a vue component on this example:

    <p>Repositories grabbed: {{ repositoriesCount }}</p>
export default {
  data () {
    return {
      myGitHubData: {}
  mounted: function () {
    this.GitHubAPI.get('/user/repos', {}, [this.myGitHubData, 'repositories'])
  computed: {
    repositoriesCount: function () {
      if (this.myGitHubData.repositories) {
        return this.myGitHubData.repositories.length
      return 'none yet...'

This is due to the fact Vue does not allow to add new reactive properties dynamically. Read more about it on the awesome Vue.js guide.

During your application workflow, you could want to change GitHub user authentication token. This method will let you do it easily:

// set application wide GitHubAPI token value
this.GitHubAPI.setToken('other user Personal Access Token')

Vuex store module

Using Vuex? You can attach vue-github-api Vuex module to your application store. Within one of your .vue components, simply register it before you using it from your application:

// registers GitHubAPI Vuex module to your application Vuex store
// you are now able to read this state

Here are Vuex states provided by vue-github-api to your application:

Vuex state Type Description
downloading Boolean Defines if vue-github-api is currently downloading
running Number Count vue-github-api requests running now

Have a look at Vuex for more details, or read on this complete example:

import Vue from 'vue'
// your application is using Vuex
import Vuex from 'vuex'
// remember vue-resource is needed for vue-github-api
import VueResource from 'vue-resource'
// using vue-github-api
import GitHubAPI from 'vue-github-api'
Vue.use(GitHubAPI, { token: 'user Private Token' })
// declare your Vuex store
const store = new Vuex.Store({})
// this is your application
const app = new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  mounted: {
    // register GitHubAPI Vuex store!
  computed: {
    // with this computed property, do something insanely simple such as:
    // <p v-if="downloading">Downloading from GitHub...</p>
    downloading: function () {
      if (typeof store.state.GitHubAPI !== 'undefined') {
        return store.state.GitHubAPI.downloading
      } else {
        return false


Initial scaffolding was done with vue-cli webpack template. For detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the guide and docs for vue-loader.

Simply said, one can start working on its own customized version of vue-github-api in no time:

# install dependencies
npm install
# run unit tests
npm run unit
# build JSDoc API documentation (defaults to the ./out folder)
./node_modules/.bin/jsdoc src/GitHubAPI.js
# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

What's next?

Without any obligation nor due date, one could expect to be done this non-exhaustive list of improvements grouped on issues labeled Feature.

You can read on the Changelog too, for historical and upcoming new features, changes, deprecations, removed features, bug and security fixes.


Your are free to open an issue right in this GitLab repository whether you should be facing a problem or a bug. Please advise this is not a commercial product, so one could experience random response time. Positive, friendly and productive conversations are expected on the issues. Screenshots and steps to reproduce are highly appreciated. Chances are you may get your issue solved if you follow these simple guidelines.



The vue-github-api plugin is distributed under the MIT License (MIT). Please have a look at the dependencies licenses if you plan on using, building, or distributing this plugin.

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