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Vue-Fortune-Wheel For Vue3

Component name: Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fortune

Application scenario: lottery

For Vue2

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yarn add vue-fortune-wheel


npm install vue-fortune-wheel


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    <!-- type: image -->
      style="width: 500px; max-width: 100%;"
      <template #wheel>
        <img src="./assets/wheel.png" style="width: 100%;transform: rotateZ(60deg)" />
      <template #button>
        <img src="./assets/button.png" style="width: 180px"/>

    <!-- type: canvas -->
      style="width: 500px; max-width: 100%;"

<script setup lang="ts">
import { ref, computed, onMounted } from 'vue'
import FortuneWheel from 'vue-fortune-wheel'
import 'vue-fortune-wheel/style.css'

const prizeId = ref(0)

const wheelEl = ref()
const canvasVerify = ref(false) // Whether the turntable in canvas mode is enabled for verification
const verifyDuration = 2
const canvasOptions = {
  btnWidth: 140,
  borderColor: '#584b43',
  borderWidth: 6,
  lineHeight: 30

const prizesCanvas = [
    id: 1, //* The unique id of each prize, an integer greater than 0
    name: 'Blue', // Prize name, display value when type is canvas (this parameter is not needed when type is image)
    value: 'Blue\'s value', //* Prize value, return value after spinning
    bgColor: '#45ace9', // Background color (no need for this parameter when type is image)
    color: '#ffffff', // Font color (this parameter is not required when type is image)
    probability: 30 //* Probability, up to 4 decimal places (the sum of the probabilities of all prizes
    id: 2,
    name: 'Red',
    value: 'Red\'s value',
    bgColor: '#dd3832',
    color: '#ffffff',
    probability: 40
    id: 3,
    name: 'Yellow',
    value: 'Yellow\'s value',
    bgColor: '#fef151',
    color: '#ffffff',
    probability: 30

const prizesImage = [
    id: 1, //* The unique id of each prize, an integer greater than 0
    value: 'Blue\'s value', //* Prize value, return value after spinning
    weight: 1 // Weight, if useWeight is true, the probability is calculated by weight (weight must be an integer), so probability is invalid
    id: 2,
    value: 'Red\'s value',
    weight: 0
    id: 3,
    value: 'Yellow\'s value',
    weight: 0

const prizeRes = computed(() => {
  return prizesCanvas.find(item => === prizeId.value) || prizesCanvas[0]

onMounted(() => {
  wheelEl.value.startRotate() // Can start rotation

// Simulate the request back-end interface
function testRequest (verified, duration) { // verified: whether to pass the verification, duration: delay time
  return new Promise((resolve) => {
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, duration)

function onCanvasRotateStart (rotate) {
  if (canvasVerify.value) {
    const verified = true // true: the test passed the verification, false: the test failed the verification
    testRequest(verified, verifyDuration * 1000).then((verifiedRes) => {
      if (verifiedRes) {
        console.log('Verification passed, start to rotate')
        rotate() // Call the callback, start spinning
        canvasVerify.value = false // Turn off verification mode
      } else {
        alert('Failed verification')

function onImageRotateStart () {

function onRotateEnd (prize) {

function onChangePrize (id) {
  prizeId.value = id

FortuneWheel Events

Event name Description Callback parameters
rotateStart Triggered when the dial button is clicked When verify is true, there will be a callback, and the callback function will be called to start spinning
rotateEnd Triggered at the end of the turntable animation The entire prize Object

FortuneWheel Methods

Event name Description Callback parameters
startRotate Can trigger rotation When verify is true, the callback function is triggered in the rotateStart event

FortuneWheel Attributes

Parameters Description Type Default Value
type Type of turntable (canvas, image) String canvas
useWeight Whether to calculate probability by weight Boolean false
disabled Whether to disable (after disabled, click the button will not rotate) Boolean false
verify Whether to enable verification mode Boolean false
canvas.radius Radius of circle (type: canvas) Number 250
canvas.textRadius The distance of the text from the center of the circle (type: canvas) Number 190
canvas.textLength A few characters in one line of the prize, beyond the line break (maximum two lines) Number 6
canvas.textDirection Prize text direction (horizontal, vertical) String horizontal
canvas.lineHeight Text line height (type: canvas) Number 20
canvas.borderWidth Round outer border (type: canvas) Number 0
canvas.borderColor Color value of the outer border (type: canvas) String transparent
canvas.btnText Button text (type: canvas) String GO
canvas.btnWidth Button width (px) Number 140
canvas.fontSize Prize size (px) Number 34
duration Time to complete one rotation (unit: ms) Number 6000
timingFun Css time function of rotation transition String cubic-bezier(0.36, 0.95, 0.64, 1)
angleBase Number of rotations (angleBase * 360 is the total angle of one rotation, it can be reversed when it is a negative number) Number 10
prizeId Specify the id, it will spin to the prize of this id every time (when it is 0, the value can be changed during the rotation according to the probability of each prize itself to complete various show operations) Number 0
prizes Prize list (structure reference Usage) Array /

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