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vue-draggable-nested-tree vue 可拖拽树, 可跨树拖拽

This project is no longer maintained, please move to the new monorepo he-tree.

本项目不再维护, 请移步到新的 monorepo he-tree.

这是可拖拽树组件. 此组件没有 css, 您需要自己添加您喜欢的样式, 参考 demo, 只有几个样式, 不难. 此组件不负责节点的具体渲染, 暴露了一个节点渲染插槽, 请参考 demo 自行渲染.
This is a draggable tree component. This component does not have css, you need to add your style refer to demo. The demo style is less, not difficult. This component doesn't render node. It exposes a node rendering slot. Please refer to the demo for rendering.


Support touch(single point).

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npm i vue-draggable-nested-tree



import { DraggableTree } from "vue-draggable-nested-tree";
// vue-draggable-nested-tree contains Tree, TreeNode, DraggableTree, DraggableTreeNode
// import the component and register it as global or local component


data: [
  { text: "node 1" },
  { text: "node 2" },
  { text: "node 3 undraggable", draggable: false },
  { text: "node 4" },
  { text: "node 4 undroppable", droppable: false },
    text: "node 5",
    children: [
      { text: "node 1" },
      { text: "node 2", children: [{ text: "node 3" }, { text: "node 4" }] },
        text: "node 2 undroppable",
        droppable: false,
        children: [{ text: "node 3" }, { text: "node 4" }],
        text: "node 2",
        children: [
          { text: "node 3" },
          { text: "node 4 undroppable", droppable: false },
      { text: "node 3" },
      { text: "node 4" },
      { text: "node 3" },
      { text: "node 4" },
      { text: "node 3" },
      { text: "node 4" },
      { text: "node 3" },
      { text: "node 4" },


Tree(:data="data" draggable crossTree)
  div(slot-scope="{data, store, vm}")
    //- data is node
    //- store is the tree
    //- vm is node Vue instance, you can get node level by vm.level
      b(v-if="data.children && data.children.length" @click="store.toggleOpen(data)") {{ ? '-' : '+'}} 
      span {{data.text}}

template for old browsers(eg: IE)

//- slot-scope="{data, store, vm}" may not work in old browsers, replace with slot-scope="slot"
Tree(:data="data" draggable crossTree)
    //- data is node
    //- store is the tree
    //- vm is node Vue instance, you can get node level by vm.level
      b(v-if=" &&" @click="") {{ ? '-' : '+'}} 
      span {{}}


The 'store' is the tree vm

Tree props

Noraml - Tree props
// base tree
data: {}, // type Array
indent: {default: 16},
activatedClass: {default: 'active'},
openedClass: {default: 'open'},
space: {default: 10}, // space between node, unit px
// draggable tree
preventSelect: {default: true}, // if to prevent drag handler text be selected when drag, excluding input and textarea
getTriggerEl: {type: Function}, // get the el trigger drag, default is node self. arguments(nodeVm)
draggable: {}, // is the tree draggable, default false
droppable: {default: true}, // is the tree droppable, default true
crossTree: {}, // can a node of the tree be dragged into other tree, or receive other tree node

Hooks - Tree props
ondragstart: {type: Function}, // hook. return false to prevent drag. arguments(node, draggableHelperInfo)
ondragend: {type: Function}, // hook. return false to prevent drop. arguments(node, draggableHelperInfo)


{event, options, store}

Tree properties

// base
rootData, // generated by tree
// draggable
dplh, // drag placeholder. globally unique.
trees, // array, all trees in the app. globally unique.

Tree events

// store is the tree vm
drag(node), // on drag start.
  drop(node, targetTree, oldTree), // after drop.
  change(node, targetTree, oldTree), // after drop, only when the node position changed
  nodeOpenChanged(node); // on a node is closed or open
  • targetTree and oldTree are tree vm.
  • oldTree is available only when cross tree. Otherwise null.
  • if cross tree, both targetTree and oldTree will emit drop and change.

Tree methods

pure(node, withChildren, after)
return a node data without runtime properties.(!: property which starts with '_' will be removed)
withChildren: optional. after: Function, optional
the code about after(t is computed node data):
if (after) {
  return after(t, node) || t
return t
activeNode(node, inactiveOld)
toggleActive(node, inactiveOld)
openNode(node, closeOld)
toggleOpen(node, closeOld)
// follow methods are easy, so I paste their soure code
getPureData(after) { return this.pure(this.rootData, true, after).children } // after: Function, optional
deleteNode(node) { return hp.arrayRemove(node.parent.children, node) }
// add node: like array. eg: node.children.push(newNodeData)
// update node: just assign to the node properties directly

node properties

// base
children: [],
active: false,
style: {},
class: '',
innerStyle: {},
innerClass: '',
innerBackStyle: {},
innerBackClass: {},
// draggable
draggable // default true. Please check 'draggable & droppable' below
droppable // default true. Please check 'draggable & droppable' below

node deep properties example

node._vm; // vm
node._vm.level; // 节点层级, 只读; // tree
node.parent._vm; // parent node vm;


demo css

.he-tree {
  border: 1px solid #ccc;
  padding: 20px;
  width: 300px;
.tree-node {
.tree-node-inner {
  padding: 5px;
  border: 1px solid #ccc;
  cursor: pointer;
.draggable-placeholder {
.draggable-placeholder-inner {
  border: 1px dashed #0088f8;
  box-sizing: border-box;
  background: rgba(0, 136, 249, 0.09);
  color: #0088f9;
  text-align: center;
  padding: 0;
  display: flex;
  align-items: center;


clone the package, and

npm install
npm run dev

draggable & droppable

A node is default draggable and droppable. You can set draggable and droppable property of a node. The another way is listen event 'drag', traverse all data to set draggable or droppable property.

Traverse tree

Recommend to use my other library tree-helper. It has 2 traverse methods: depthFirstSearch, breadthFirstSearch.

draggable library

draggable-helper is my another library for drag. And it also is using by this component. You can use it to help you drag functions.




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