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    Vue CLI plugin for Vuetify Admin

    Vue CLI plugin of main Vuetify Admin library which allow quick start on fresh Vue CLI app. Use Material Theme by Creative Tim with sass overrides and some material components as base for Vuetify UI.

    Include scripts for quick scaffolding crud pages of specific resource.


    Initialize your brand new Vue CLI admin project with this single line command :

    vue create my-admin-project --preset okami101/vuetify-admin-preset

    On any existing Vue CLI Vuetify project you can try vue add vuetify-admin.

    Then select suited options according to your needs and start your admin panel by yarn serve.

    You must have valid API backend in order to use this project. You can start with which is a fake writeable API. Don't hesitate to go through the the tutorial which use this API.

    Getting started

    Check Laravel tutorial for complete top-to-bottom development experience showcase with separate Laravel Admin composer package.

    Available generators commands

    You'll got 2 new npm scripts :

    • yarn crud:make my_new_resource [options] : Main UI crud command maker. Resource name is required.
    • yarn crud:yaml my-new-resource.yml : Superset of previous command which use a YAML file descriptor.

    Use yarn vue-cli-service help crud:make for all options documentation
    See dedicated guide


    Documentation for Vuetify Admin can be found on the Okami101 website.


    This project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i vue-cli-plugin-vuetify-admin

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