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Easy Cloud Manager

Start create your client with EASY Cloud Platform in seconds.


  • Yarn is strongly recommended instead of npm.
  • Vue CLI 3 plugin for EASY Cloud Platform.

Install with Vue UI

  1. Navigate in your project to the plugin section.
  2. Click add plugin button.
  3. Search for easycloud.
  4. Select vue-cli-plugin-easycloud.
  5. Click Install vue-cli-plugin-easycloud button.

Install on terminal with vue cli

  • Open terminal amd take sure you are in the root of your vue project
# add plugin with vue 
vue add vue-cli-plugin-easycloud

New files after installation

  • cfw.config.js - client framework configuration file (root of the project)
module.exports = {
   * hostname of your backend system
  host: '',
   * customer name of the account
  customer: '',
   * user or email address of a registered user
  user: '',
   * password of the registered user
  password: '',
   * selected backend application
  app: '',

Changed files after installation

  • .gitignore - add cfw.config.js` file to avoid commit of credentials;-)
  • packages.json - add "sdk" : "vue-cli-service sdk" in script section

Quick Setup Guide

New menu item in configuration

After successfully installing the plugin, you should see a new entry (EASY Cloud Platform) in vue ui configuration section. Please fill in all fields and save. After login the view will be refreshed and a new list selection appears. Now you can choose which platform application you want to use in your project.

New menu item in tasks

Also a new entry sdk in the tasks section was added. For this task you can specify following parameters:

  • sdk language you want to download (currently javascript, backbone and typescript are supported)
  • platform system of the application (you can choose between test, staging and live)

After running the task you can find the sdk in src/lib directory


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