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vsdropdown v. 0.1.1

Virtual scroll dropdown - AngularJS reusable UI component


AngularJS directive which implements the virtual scroll dropdown.

1. virtualization

  • only visible items are rendered in the browser
  • good performance even millions of items

2. custom scrollbar

  • scrollbar can be customized by CSS
  • looks similar in all browsers

3. filtering

  • built in global filter
  • uses AngularJS filter

4. responsive UI

  • vsdropdown UI is responsive and scalable to different size of devices

5. tooltips

  • tooltips are used to shown the string which are not fit to the vsdropdown

6. touch and keyboard

  • works with touch devices
  • works with keyboard

7. accepts objects

  • input object is array of objects (items) or array of strings

8. no dependencies

  • Depends only AngularJS


  • include the vsdropdown-0.1.1.min.js and the vsdropdown-0.1.1.min.css files into your project. See the Build project and the Installation chapters below.
<script src="vsdropdown-0.1.1.min.js"></script>
<link href="vsdropdown-0.1.1.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
  • inject the vsdropdown module into your application module.
angular.module('sampleapp', ['vsdropdown']);
  • add vsdropdown HTML tag into your HTML file. See the HTML example chapter below.
  • add needed Javascript code. See the Javascript example chapter below.

HTML example

<div ng-app="sampleapp" ng-controller="sampleappctrl">
    <vsdropdown options="opt"</vsdropdown>


Tag Description Mandatory
vsdropdown vsdropdown tag yes


Attribute Description Mandatory
options vsdropdown configuration object. See below. yes

Options data (an options attribute in the vsdropdown directive)

Attribute Description Values Mandatory
items Array of data shown in the vsdropdown. Array of strings or array of objects. yes
selectedItems Selected items. Contains all items. Array of strings or array of objects yes
input Object which contain sub properties. See below. yes
input.isObject Is items (see above) array of strings or array of objects. true or false yes
input.visiblePropName This is visible property name. Only if isObject is true. string depends value of previous property
input.calculateDisplayValue A callback function which takes the current item and returns a string representation. Only if isObject is true. string depends value of previous property
input.properties Object which contain sub properties. See below. yes
input.properties.enabled Is properties enabled or not. true or false if input.isObject is true
input.properties.props String array of property names of the one item. These properties are visible in properties popover. array if input.properties.enabled is true
input.properties.propertyTitle Property title in the popover. string if input.isObject is true
input.properties.valueTitle Value title in the popover. string if input.isObject is true
filter Object which contain sub properties. See below. yes
filter.enabled Is filtering enabled or not. If false the filter input box is hidden. true or false yes
filter.filterPlaceholderTxt Filter input box placeholder text. string yes
filter.noHitsTxt Filter no hits text. string yes
selection Object which contain sub properties. See below. yes
selection.maximum Maximum selection count. If the dropdown is single select, put number 1 to this. number yes
selection.selectionsTxt Selections text. Visible in the overlay text if previous value is bigger than 1
selection.showCount Is selection count visible or not. Count is visible in the show overlay button. true or false if previous value is bigger than 1
visibleItemCount Visible item count in the selector. number yes
showTooltip Is tooltips shown or not. true or false yes
fadeInEffects Is fade in effects used in the overlay and the tooltips. true or false yes
itemSelectCb Item select callback function. function no. It is also possible to use AngularJS watch. See chapter Javascript example

Javascript example

var sampleapp = angular.module('sampleapp', ['vsdropdown']);
sampleapp.controller('sampleappctrl', function ($scope) {
    // Watch the user selections - invoked when the user select/deselect item from the vsdropdown
    $scope.$watch('opt.selectedItems', function (newVal, oldVal) {
        if (newVal !== oldVal) {
            console.log('PARENT - watch: ', newVal);
    }, true);
    // Configuration example of the vsdropdown. 
    $scope.opt = {
        items: items,
        selectedItems: selectedItems,
        input: {
            isObject: true,
            calculateDisplayValue: function(item){
                return item.name;
            visiblePropName: 'name',
            properties: {
                enabled: true,
                props: ['id', 'name', 'active'],
                propertyTitle: 'Property',
                valueTitle: 'Value'
        filter: {
            enabled: true,
            filterPlaceholderTxt: 'Type filter...',
            noHitsTxt: 'No hit(s)'
        selection: {
            maximum: 20,
            selectionsTxt: 'selections',
            showCount: true
        visibleItemCount: 4,
        showTooltip: true,
        fadeInEffects: true,
        itemSelectCb: onSelectItem


Example of the function. See description of the parameters below the example.

function onSelectItem(items, selection, operation) {
    if (selection !== undefined) {
        console.log('PARENT - onSelectItem(): Selected item(s): ', items, ' - Selection: ', selection, ' - Operation: ', operation);
Function Parameters Description
onSelectItem items, selection and operation Called when the user selects/deselects item from the UI.
  • items - all selected items
  • selection - item which selection/deselection caused this event
  • operation - select or deselect. select is + and deselect is -


In the examples folder of this project has the sample application and the online demo is here


Depends on AngularJS. Implemented using the AngularJS version 1.4.3.

Build project

  • Build can be done by executing the grunt command. It creates the dist/debug and the dist/min folders and put files to these folders.


  • Installation can be done using the bower. It installs files from the dist/debug and the dist/min folders. Needed CSS and javascript files are located in these folders.
bower install vsdropdown

Compatibility (tested with)

  • IE 9+
  • Firefox 36
  • Google Chrome 41
  • Opera 28.0
  • Mobile Safari 8


  • License: MIT


  • Author: kekeh


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