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    Manage todo lists with ease. Powerful, easy to use and customizable. View the demo.


    • Easy to use: you're just a few shortcuts away from becoming a master
    • Portable: being a plain text format you can read and edit it using any editor
    • Custom symbols: you can replace the default symbols with any of the supported ones
      • Box: - [] [ ]
      • Done: + [x] [X] [+]
      • Cancelled: x X [-]
    • Custom colors: all colors can be customized
    • Custom special tags: special tags' names and their colors can be customized
    • Archive: you can move finished todos to a special "Archive" section with a shortcut
    • Formatting: you can format text in a markdown-like fashion, we support: bold, italic, strikethrough and code
    • Go To Symbol: you can easily move between projects by using the Go to Symbol in File... command
    • TaskPaper compatible: just set, todo.symbols.done and todo.symbols.cancelled to -
    • Timekeeping: you can mark todos as started and track elapsed time until completion
    • Timer: a timer can be displayed in the statusbar for started todos
    • Time estimates: you can estimate the time it will take to complete a todo by adding a tag to it that looks like this: @est(3 hours), @est(2h30m) or @2h30m. Then you can use the [est] token in statistics
    • Statistics: statistics about your entire file and/or project-level statistics about your individual projects
    • Embedded todos: it's common to have //TODO or //FIXME comments in our code, this extension can find those as well
    • Activity bar views: you can view your todo file and your embedded todos from a custom activity bar section


    Follow the instructions in the Marketplace, or run the following in the command palette:

    ext install fabiospampinato.vscode-todo-plus


    It adds 8 commands to the command palette:

    'Todo: Open' // Open or create your project's todo file
    'Todo: Open Embedded' // Open embedded todos
    'Todo: Toggle Box' // Toggle todo's box symbol
    'Todo: Toggle Done' // Toggle todo's done symbol
    'Todo: Toggle Cancelled' // Toggle todo's cancelled symbol
    'Todo: Toggle Start' // Toggle a todo as started
    'Todo: Toggle Timer' // Toggle the timer
    'Todo: Archive' // Archive finished todos

    It adds 5 shortcuts when editing a Todo file:

    'Cmd/Ctrl+Enter' // Triggers `Todo: Toggle Box`
    'Alt+D' // Triggers `Todo: Toggle Done`
    'Alt+C' // Triggers `Todo: Toggle Cancelled`
    'Alt+S' // Triggers `Todo: Toggle Start`
    'Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+A' // Triggers  `Todo: Archive`


      "": "TODO", // Todo file name. Other supported names are: `*.todo`, `*.todos`, `*.task`, `*.tasks`, `*.taskpaper` and `todolist.txt`
      "todo.file.defaultContent": "\nTodo:\n  ☐ Item\n", // New todo files default content
      "todo.file.include": ["**/TODO", ...], // Globs to use for including files
      "todo.file.exclude": ["**/.!(todo|todos|task|tasks)/**", ...], // Globs to use for excluding files
      "todo.file.view.expanded": true, // Start the tree in an expanded state
      "todo.indentation": "  ", // String used for indentation
      "": "", // Box symbol
      "todo.symbols.done": "", // Done symbol
      "todo.symbols.cancelled": "", // Cancelled symbol
      "todo.colors.done": "#a6e22e", // Done todo color
      "todo.colors.cancelled": "#f92672", // Cancelled todo color
      "todo.colors.code": "#fd971f", // Code color
      "todo.colors.comment": "#75715e", // Comment color
      "todo.colors.project": "#66d9ef", // Project color
      "todo.colors.projectStatistics": "#4694a3", // Project statistics color
      "todo.colors.tag": "#e6db74", // Tag color
      "todo.colors.tags.background": ["#e54545", "#e59f45", "#e5d145", "#ae81ff"], // Special tags' background colors
      "todo.colors.tags.foreground": ["#000000", "#000000", "#000000", "#000000"], // Special tags' foreground colors
      "todo.colors.types": { "TODO": "#ffcc00", "FIXME": "#cc0000" ... }, // Object mapping todo types to their color
      "todo.colors.dark": { /* "done": "white", ... */ }, // Colors for dark themes
      "todo.colors.light": { /* "done": "black", ... */ }, // Colors for light themes
      "todo.tags.names": ["critical", "high", "low", "today"], // Special tags' names
      "todo.tags.namesInference": true, // Infer commonly used tags' names
      "": "Archive", // Name of the special "Archive" section
      "todo.archive.remove.emptyProjects": true, // Remove projects without todos
      "todo.archive.remove.emptyLines": 1, // Remove extra empty lines, keeping no more than `emptyLinesThreshold` consecutive empty lines
      "todo.archive.project.enabled": true, // Enable the @project tag
      "todo.archive.project.separator": ".", // String used for joining multiple projects
      "todo.archive.sortByDate": false, // Sort lines by finished date
      "todo.formatting.enabled": true, // Enable markdown-like formatting
      "todo.timekeeping.created.enabled": false, // Enable the @created tag
      "todo.timekeeping.created.time": true, // Insert the time inside the @created tag
      "todo.timekeeping.created.format": "YY-MM-DD HH:mm", // Format used for displaying time inside @created
      "todo.timekeeping.started.time": true, // Insert the time inside the @started tag
      "todo.timekeeping.started.format": "YY-MM-DD HH:mm", // Format used for displaying time inside @started
      "todo.timekeeping.finished.enabled": true, // Enable the @done/cancelled tag. It's always enabled if you explicitly start a todo or if you use only 1 symbol
      "todo.timekeeping.finished.time": true, // Insert the time inside the @done/cancelled tag
      "todo.timekeeping.finished.format": "YY-MM-DD HH:mm", // Format used for displaying time inside @done/cancelled
      "todo.timekeeping.elapsed.enabled": true, // Enable the @lasted/wasted tag
      "todo.timekeeping.elapsed.format": "short-compact", // Format used for displaying time diff inside @lasted/waster
      "todo.timekeeping.estimate.format": "short-compact", // Format used for the `[est]` token
      "todo.timer.statusbar.enabled": true, // Show a timer for started todos in the statusbar
      "todo.timer.statusbar.alignment": "left", // Should the item be placed to the left or right?
      "todo.timer.statusbar.color": "", // The foreground color for this item
      "todo.timer.statusbar.priority": -10, // The priority of this item. Higher value means the item should be shown more to the left
      "todo.statistics.project.enabled": "global.projects < 100 && project.pending > 0", // Show statistics next to a project, boolean or JS expression
      "todo.statistics.project.text": "([pending]) [est]", // Template used for rendering the text
      "todo.statistics.statusbar.enabled": "global.all > 0", // Show statistics in the statusbar, boolean or JS expression
      "todo.statistics.statusbar.ignoreArchive": true, // Ignore the archive when rendering statistics in the statusbar
      "todo.statistics.statusbar.alignment": "left", // Should the item be placed to the left or right?
      "todo.statistics.statusbar.color": "", // The foreground color for this item
      "todo.statistics.statusbar.command": "", // Command to execute on click
      "todo.statistics.statusbar.priority": -1, // The priority of this item. Higher value means the item should be shown more to the left
      "todo.statistics.statusbar.text": "$(check) [finished]/[all] ([percentage]%)", // Template used for rendering the text
      "todo.statistics.statusbar.tooltip": "[pending] Pending - [done] Done - [cancelled] Cancelled", // Template used for rendering the tooltip
      "todo.embedded.regex": "(?:<!-- *)?(?:#|//|/\\*+|<!--|--|\\* @|\\{!|\\{\\{!--|\\{\\{!) *(TODO|FIXME|FIX|BUG|UGLY|HACK|NOTE|IDEA|REVIEW|DEBUG|OPTIMIZE)(?:\\s*\\([^)]+\\))?:?(?!\\w)(?: *-->| *\\*/| *!}| *--}}| *}}|(?= *(?:[^:]//|/\\*+|<!--|@|--|\\{!|\\{\\{!--|\\{\\{!))|((?: +[^\\n@]*?)(?= *(?:[^:]//|/\\*+|<!--|@|--(?!>)|\\{!|\\{\\{!--|\\{\\{!))|(?: +[^@\\n]+)?))", // Regex used for finding embedded todos, requires double escaping
      "todo.embedded.regexFlags": "gi", // Regex flags to use
      "todo.embedded.include": ["**/*"], // Globs to use for including files
      "todo.embedded.exclude": ["**/.*", "**/.*/**", ...], // Globs to use for excluding files
      "todo.embedded.provider": "", // The provider to use when searching for embedded todos
      "": "(?:#|//|/\\*+|<!--|--|\\* @|\\{!|\\{\\{!--|\\{\\{!) *(TODO|FIXME|FIX|BUG|UGLY|HACK|NOTE|IDEA|REVIEW|DEBUG|OPTIMIZE)", // Regex used by ag, requires double escaping
      "": ['--ignore-case'], // Extra arguments to pass to ag
      "todo.embedded.providers.rg.regex": "(?:#|//|/\\*+|<!--|--|\\* @|\\{!|\\{\\{!--|\\{\\{!) *(TODO|FIXME|FIX|BUG|UGLY|HACK|NOTE|IDEA|REVIEW|DEBUG|OPTIMIZE)", // Regex used by rg, requires double escaping
      "todo.embedded.providers.rg.args": ['--ignore-case'], // Extra arguments to pass to rg
      "todo.embedded.file.wholeLine": true, // Show the whole line
      "todo.embedded.file.groupByRoot": true, // Group embedded todos by workspace root
      "todo.embedded.file.groupByType": true, // Group embedded todos by type
      "todo.embedded.file.groupByFile": true, // Group embedded todos by file
      "todo.embedded.view.wholeLine": false, // Show the whole line
      "todo.embedded.view.groupByRoot": true, // Group embedded todos by workspace root
      "todo.embedded.view.groupByType": true, // Group embedded todos by type
      "todo.embedded.view.groupByFile": true, // Group embedded todos by file
      "todo.embedded.view.expanded": true, // Start the tree in an expanded state
      "todo.embedded.view.icons": true // Show icons next to todos and types"

    Changing some settings (symbols, colors, providers...) requires a restart.

    An actual regex will be generated from the value of the todo.embedded.regex setting. It uses 2 capturing groups, the first one captures the type of the todo (TODO, FIXME etc.) and the second one captures an optional description (TODO: description).

    Dates are formatted using moment.

    Embedded Todos Providers

    This extension supports various providers for searching for embedded todos, it'll use the one you set via the todo.embedded.provider setting or the first one available between:

    1. ag / The Silver Searcher: About 50x faster than the javascript provider, it'll use the regex defined under It must be installed in your system.
    2. rg / ripgrep: About 50x faster than the javascript provider, it'll use the regex defined under todo.embedded.providers.rg.regex. It doesn't support lookaheads and lookbehinds. It must be installed in your system, or Visual Studio Code must include it.
    3. javascript: Works on every system, but it's quite slow. This is the fallback provider.

    ag and rg will use their specific regexes for finding the lines containing embedded todos, then those lines will be searched in using the regex defined under todo.embedded.regex.

    Statistics Tokens

    The following tokens can be used in todo.statistics.project.text, todo.statistics.statusbar.text and todo.statistics.statusbar.tooltip, they will be replaced with the value they represent.

    Token Value
    [comments] Number of comments
    [projects] Number of projects
    [tags] Number of tags
    [pending] Number of pending todos
    [done] Number of done todos
    [cancelled] Number of cancelled todos
    [finished] Number of finished todos
    [all] Number of todos
    [percentage] Percentage of finished todos
    [est] Estimated time
    [lasted] Time the task lasted
    [wasted] Time wasted on task
    [elapsed] Sum of [lasted] and [wasted]


    Example todo file

    Example todo file

    Embedded todos


    Activity bar views

    Activity bar views



    Project Statistics

    Project Statistics Advanced

    Timekeeping & Timer

    Timekeeping & Timer


    • Dark/Light Themes: if you switch between dark and light themes, remember that you can provide specific colors for them via the todo.colors.dark.* and todo.colors.light.* settings, which will override the default todo.colors.* settings.

    • Activity Bar: you can switch the focus to the Todo activity bar view by assigning a shortcut to the workbench.view.extension.todo command.

    • Icons: icons can be used in todo.statistics.statusbar.text. Here you can browse a list of supported icons. If for instance you click the first icon, you'll get a page with .octicon-alert written in it, to get the string to use simply remove the .octicon- part, so in this case the icon name would be alert.

    • CLI: you can view your embedded todos from the command line with the todo command if you install ag and add the following to your shell configuration file:

    alias todo="ag --color-line-number '1;36' --color-path '1;36' --ignore-case --print-long-lines --silent '(?:<!-- *)?(?:#|//|/\*+|<!--|--) *(TODO|FIXME|FIX|BUG|UGLY|HACK|NOTE|IDEA|REVIEW|DEBUG|OPTIMIZE)(?:\([^(]+\))?:?(?!\w)(?: *-->| *\*/|(?= *(?:[^:]//|/\*+|<!--|@|--))|((?: +[^\n@]*?)(?= *(?:[^:]//|/\*+|<!--|@|--))|(?: +[^@\n]+)?))'"


    • Highlight: I recommend using this extension for highlighting your embedded todos.

    • Markdown Todo: Manage todo lists inside markdown files with ease.

    • Projects+ Todo+: Bird's-eye view over your projects, view all your todo files aggregated into one.

    • Noty: Autosaving sticky note with support for multiple notes, find/replace, programmers shortcuts and more. It implements a subset of the functionalities provided by this extension.

    • Notable: The markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck.


    If you found a problem, or have a feature request, please open an issue about it.

    If you want to make a pull request you can debug the extension using Debug Launcher.


    MIT © Fabio Spampinato


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