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VS Code Debug Protocol

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This npm module contains declarations for the json-based Visual Studio Code debug protocol.


  • 1.31.x:

    • Adds a new optional terminate request which can be used to give a debuggee the chance to shutdown gracefully. A corresponding supportsTerminateRequest capability announces that an adapter implements the request.
  • 1.30.x:

    • Comment cosmetics.
  • 1.29.x:

    • Adds a new value for the 'reason' attribute of the 'stopped' event. This is used when an adapter implements the 'goto' request.
  • 1.28.x:

    • Adds an optional attribute clientName to the Initialize request. This makes it possible to surface the human readable name of the client in error messages coming from the adapter.
    • Adds a terminateThreads request and a corresponding supportsTerminateThreadsRequest capability.
    • Made the __restart attribute official on the launch or attach requests. It corresponds to the restart attribute on the terminated event.
    • Adds a setExpression request and a corresponding supportsSetExpression capability. This request can be used to assign a value to an assignable expression (aka "l-value").
    • Adds a new optional preserveFocusHint to the stopped event. A value of true hints to the frontend that this event should not change the focus.
  • 1.27.x:

    • Adds a new capabilities event that hints to the frontend that one or more capabilities got updated.
    • Initial support for logPoints: new attribute SourceBreakpoint.logMessage and capability supportsLogPoint.
  • 1.26.x: no protocol changes

  • 1.25.x:

    • Adds a new enum value virtual for the presentationHint attribute of type Variable.
    • To remove env variables from the environment support a 'null' value for env attribute in runInTerminal request.
  • 1.24.x:

    • Adds removed to the value set of the reason attribute of the BreakpointEvent.
    • Adds a locale attribute to the initialize request. The adapter can use this information to translate user visible information.
  • 1.23.x:

    • Adds a source, line, and column attributes to the Output event. With this a frontend can show a link to the source where the output was generated.
    • Adds support for retrieving loaded scripts and receiving loaded script events (LoadedSourcesRequest, LoadedSourceEvent).
    • Adds display hints for variables and evaluation results (type VariablePresentationHint).
  • 1.22.x:

    • Adds a new enum value normal for the presentationHint attribute of type Source.
    • Adds a new event process that conveys process ID and other information about the debuggee.
  • 1.21.x:

    • Adds optional attribute includeAll to type StackFrameFormat. With this the StackTraceRequest can be parameterized to include all stack frames, including those the DA might otherwise hide.
    • Adds capability supportsDelayedStackTraceLoading that indicates that a debug adapter supports the delayed loading of parts of the stack. This requires that both the startFrame and levels arguments and the totalFrames result of the StackTraceRequest are supported.
  • 1.20.x:

    • Extends the type of the TerminatedEvent.body.restart attribute from boolean to any. This makes it possible to loop arbitrary data from one debug session to the next.
    • Adds a new enum value subtle for the presentationHint attribute of type StackFrame.
  • 1.19.x:

    • Adds a new optional argument terminateDebuggee to the disconnect request. If a debug adapter has opted into this feature with the 'supportTerminateDebuggee' capability, a client can use this to control whether the debuggee should be terminated when the debugger is disconnected.
  • 1.18.x:

    • Adds optional attribute source to the SourceArguments.
    • Made StoppedEvent's reason attribute robust against translation by introducing a new description attribute.
    • Add a new optional attribute presentationHint to the StackFrame type. This attribute can be used to control how the frame is rendered in the UI.
  • 1.17.x:

    • Adds optional attribute clientID to the InitializeRequestArguments.
    • Adds support for obtaining exception details: ExceptionInfoRequest, ExceptionDetails.
    • Adds optional parameter format to the SetVariableRequest.
  • 1.16.x:

    • Updated comments for path and sourceReference attributes of Source type (the frontend no longer needs to have a notion of 'internal' modules; it just loads the content of a Source either through the sourceReference or the path).
    • Adds optional presentationHint attribute to Source type. This allows to control how the frontend shows a source reference in th UI.
    • Removed SHA1Normalizedand SHA256Normalized values from type ChecksumAlgorithm.
  • 1.15.x:

    • Adds a reverseContinue request.
    • Adds a restart request and a corresponding supportsRestartRequest capability.
    • Adds a variablesReference attribute to the OutputEvent.
    • Adds support for exception configuration options.
    • Adds formatting options support for values returned from VariablesRequest, EvaluateRequest, and StackTraceRequest.
  • 1.14.x:

    • Adds optional type attribute to the SetVariableResponse type.
    • Support to return a structured object from the SetVariableRequest.
    • Fine tuning of Module part of the protocol.
    • Adds optional attribute evaluatable to Variable type.
    • Adds optional checksum support to Source type.
    • Adds optional source range to Scope type.
  • 1.13.x:

    • Fix typo in Capabilities type.
    • Adds an optional hitCondition attribute to breakpoints and a corresponding supportsHitConditionalBreakpointscapability.
  • 1.12.x:

    • Adds a new optional attribute frameId to the completionRequest.
    • Introduces a runInTerminalRequest so that a debug adapter can run a debuggee in a terminal managed by the frontend.
    • Adds a type attribute (and a value set) to the CompletionItem.
  • 1.11.x:

    • Adds a new optional attribute mimeType to the SourceResponse.
    • Adds a new optional attribute sourceModified to the SetBreakpointsArguments that indicates that the underlying source has been modified which results in new breakpoint locations.
    • Adds a new optional attribute supportsVariableType to InitializeRequestArguments. True indicates that the client shows the variable's type attribute in the UI.
    • Adds optional 'type' attribute to the EvaluateResponse.
    • Introduces the RestartFrameRequest and a corresponding supportsRestartFrame capability.
    • Introduces a ContinuedEvent so that a debug adapter can explicit trigger that a thread has continued execution.
    • Adds support for step in targets (request StepInTargetsRequest, type StepInTarget, capability supportsStepInTargetsRequest)
    • Adds support for goto targets (requests GotoTargetsRequest and GotoRequest, type GotoTarget, capability supportsGotoTargetsRequest)
    • Adds support for variable paging, that is named and indexed children of a variable can be requested in pages (chunks).
    • Adds experimental support for completion proposals.
  • 1.10.x:

    • Introduces a stepBack request and a corresponding supportsStepBack capability.
    • Introduces the type Module, a ModuleRequest, and a ModuleEvent
    • Introduces the setVariableRequest
    • Adds new optional attributes type and kind for a Variable.
    • Adds optional attributes endLine and endColumn to StackFrame and Breakpoint types.
  • 1.9.x:

    • Introduces a allThreadsContinued attribute on the ContinueResponse to indicate that all threads are continued and not only the one specified.
  • 1.8.x:

    • Introduces ExceptionBreakpointsFilter and fixed corresponding capability.
    • Adds optional noDebug attribute to LaunchRequestArguments.
    • Adds optional startFrame argument to StackTraceArguments to allow for paging.
    • Adds optional totalFrames argument to StackTraceResponse to allow for paging.
    • Improve comment: InitializedEvent must not be sent before InitializeRequest has returned its result.
  • 1.7.x:

    • Adds optional url and urlLabel attributes to the error messages. The frontend will show this as a UI to open additional information in a browser.
    • Added option default attribute to the exceptionBreakpointFilters capability.
    • Adds optional attribute allThreadsStopped to the StoppedEvent to indicate that all threads are stopped (and not only the one mentioned in the event).
  • 1.6.x:

    • A boolean supportsConditionalBreakpoints in Capabilities indicates whether the debug adapter supports conditional breakpoints.
    • Adds an optional exceptionBreakpointFilters capability that lists the filters available for the setExceptionBreakpoints request.
    • Adds an optional restart attribute to the TerminatedEvent which can be used to request a restart of the debug session.
  • 1.5.x:

    • A boolean supportsFunctionBreakpoints in Capabilities indicates whether the debug adapter implements the function breakpoints.
    • Renamed supportEvaluateForHovers in Capabilities to supportsEvaluateForHovers.
  • 1.4.x:

    • Made the body of the InitializeResponse optional (for backward compatibility).
  • 1.3.x: Version introduces support for feature negotiation.

    • The InitializeResponse has now attributes for these features:
      • A boolean supportsConfigurationDoneRequest indicates whether the debug adapter implements the ConfigurationDoneRequest.
      • A boolean supportEvaluateForHovers indicates whether the debug adapter supports a side effect free EvaluateRequest.
    • Adds an optional data attribute to the OutputEvent and a telemetry category.
    • Adds a new context type hover to the context attribute of the EvaluateArguments.
  • 1.2.x: Version adds a new request:

    • Introduces a ConfigurationDoneRequest that VS Code sends to indicate that the configuration of the debug session has finished and that debugging can start.
  • 1.1.x: Version adds support for conditional breakpoints and breakpoints in virtual documents:

    • Type Source supports optional origin attribute to provide information that is shown in the debug UI.
    • Type Source supports an optional adapterData attribute that the VS Code debug UI will transparently persists for breakpoints.
    • Introduces type SourceBreakpoint that makes it possible to provide column and condition information when specifying a breakpoint.
  • 1.0.1: Initial version of the debug protocol






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