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Format date and time by providing human-readable example.

Vreme is a simple date/time converter with human readable format strings.

This module is mostly for simple and readable formatting, you should consider some other module for more complex date formats (ie. this one)

"Vreme" means Time in Serbian.


Install module via:

npm install vreme


bower install vreme.

Then import Vreme and make a new instance, than you should simply provide date and human readable format.

If works with node.js and in the browser. It supports CommonJS, AMD and using as global variable.

You can format full dates and times or just a month/day name, as you can see in the example below:

var Vreme = require('Vreme')

var vreme = new Vreme()

var date = new Date('Sat, 01 Aug 2015 14:10:21')

// To get month
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'January'))            // Output 'August'
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'Jan'))                // Aug
console.log(vreme.format(date, '12'))                 // 08
console.log(vreme.format(date, '2'))                  // 8

// To convert day names
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'Monday'))             // Saturday
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'monday'))             // saturday
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'Mon'))                // Sat
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'Mo'))                 // Sa
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'MO'))                 // SA
console.log(vreme.format(date, '1st'))                // 1st
console.log(vreme.format(date, '22'))                 // 01

// To get year
console.log(vreme.format(date, '1999'))               // 2015
console.log(vreme.format(date, '42'))                 // 15

// To get time
console.log(vreme.format(date, '4:10 pm'))            // '2:10 pm'
console.log(vreme.format(date, '15:32'))              // '14:10'

// To get full dates
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'March 25, 1999'))     // August 01, 2015
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'March 1, 1999'))      // August 1, 2015
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'March 25th'))         // August 1st
console.log(vreme.format(date, '2014/04/25'))         // 2015/08/01
console.log(vreme.format(date, '2014/04/25 4:10 am')) // 2015/08/01 2:10 pm
console.log(vreme.format(date, '02/03/11'))           // 08/01/15
console.log(vreme.format(date, '21.04.2015'))         // 01.08.2015

// Or you can combine it with text
console.log(vreme.format(date, 'Date: March, 25th'))  // Date: August, 1st

With prototype

If you pass usePrototype: true in options Vreme will be added as a method of Date object (Date#formatLike), so you can use it like this:

var Vreme = require('Vreme')

var vreme = new Vreme({
  usePrototype: true

var date = new Date('8/20/2015')

// Then you can get date like this
console.log(date.formatLike('March 25, 1999'))    // August 20, 2015

In the browser

Just include vreme.js or vreme.min.js in scripts and use the module same as described above.


<!doctype html>
  <title>Vreme test</title>
  <script src="vreme.min.js"></script>

    var vreme = new Vreme();

    var date = new Date();

    console.log(vreme.format(date, 'Monday'));



This module is relying on regular expressions and I tried to keep it as simple as it's possible, so there is some limitations:

  • If you are using integers smaller than 13 for month, year and day (ie. '02/03/11') module will always assume MM/DD/YY format;
  • If you use integers between 13 and 31 for both year and day it'll assume (ie. '02/14/14') it'll assume DD/YY format;
  • At the moment it works only with month and day names in english.

There are additional limitation that are not on this list, they'll be added.


Vreme is written in ES6 and compiled with Babel.
Intall Babel by running npm i babel -g than run npm run compile to transpile it to ES5.

If you want to run Babel manually, you'll need to do: babel src/index.js -o .tmp/vreme.js and then buildify to add support for CommonJS, AMD and script and to make minified version.


Run npm test or mocha -R spec ./test/index.js.


  • Parse time too;
  • Make it work in the browser without browserify;
  • Memoization;
  • Support other languages, it'll be a bit problematic to fix ordinal sufixes for all languages, but everything else should be fine.


npm i vreme

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