multiplayer server for voxel-engine


multiplayer server for voxel-engine

Use with voxel-client

If the client sends an object with a settings property, it will use those settings when creating its game instance and will send those instances to other clients that connect.

If the client settings have the property "resetSettings", the server will switch to those. It deletes any game instance and clears the chunkCache.

npm install

Run the start script:

npm start

This gets the server running on port 8080.

The returned server object implements EventEmitter2

var createServer = require('voxel-server')
var settings = {
  generateChunks: false,
  chunkDistance: 2,
  materials: [
    ['grass', 'dirt', 'grass_dirt'],
  avatarInitialPosition: [2, 20, 2],
var server = createServer(settings)
server.on('missingChunk', function(chunk){ ... })
server.on('client.join', function(client){
  server.on(['client', client.id, 'leave'], function(client){ ... })
  server.on(['client', client.id, 'state'], function(state){ ... })
server.on('message', function(messageauthorClient){ ... })
server.on('set', function(posvalclient){ ... })
server.on('error', function(error){ ... })

background research:

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  • http://www.gabrielgambetta.com/?p=63 (all three parts)
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