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Automated mining quarry (voxel.js plugin)


Load with voxel-plugins, options:

  • mineDelayMs: delay between each block mining operation (default 200 ms)

To use in the game, craft a quarry block with a voxel-workbench by surrounding an iron voxel-pickaxe with iron ingots (or with voxel-commands installed, type ".item quarry"), place it in the world, then right-click it to begin the process. One at a time, the blocks below the quarry will be mined, up to a 16x16x16 cubic volume:


As they are mined, the item drops will be added to the player inventory with voxel-carry, if installed. Also requires voxel-harvest (to calculate the item drops from the mined blocks), voxel-blockdata (for storing the mining progress for the quarry), and voxel-registry pluginsarea.

References / see also

Inspired by the quarry from the BuildCraft modification for Minecraft.