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Add elements to block game interaction when open (for voxel.js).

Useful for modal dialogs or other UI widgets. Used by voxel-modal-dialog.


Inherit from the Modal class (e.g. using the inherits NPM module, or CoffeeScript extends). Pass to the constructor (game, opts), where game is the voxel-engine instance, and opts is an object of options. Supported options:

  • elements: your DOM element to hide/show content, should start hidden (required)

  • escapeKeys: array of key codes to close dialog, default [192] (Backquote key) -- note this NOT by default the Escape key, due to undesirable interaction with the Pointer Lock API (details)

Call the open() method to open, close() to close. When "opened", the element is shown, game interaction is released; when closed, the element is hidden, and game interaction is resumed. Clicking outside of the element or pressing an escape key will call close().


Run npm start or try the live demo. In this demo, try moving around in the game, then hit "B" (boss key) to open the modal element, then Escape or click outside to close it; notice how interaction (pointer lock, FPS keybindings) is released/attained appropriately.