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Voxel-label is a voxeljs module that implements LabelPlugin, a three.js plugin that adds labels to your game players (avatars). It can work in single-player mode as well as with voxel-client for labelling all avatars in a multiplayer game.

Get it running on your machine

npm install

Run the start script:

npm start

This gets the server running on port 8080.

You may view a demo at


require('voxel-label')(labelText, avatar, game, playerID, emitter, otherPlayers)


Single-player mode:

var playerLabel = LabelMaker("JayJay", avatar, game, 1)

Multi-player mode:

Make sure that your application populates a registration objects that has a username for the other players ("others"). voxel-app-server has an example of how to do this.

var playerLabel = LabelMaker(labelText, avatar, game, client.playerID, client.emitter, client.others)