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Overlay an image or video on a minecraft-skin in voxel.js.

The demo also includes an example WebRTC video chat room. It only requires a server to notify peers of each other as well as things like NAT traversal. The audio/video is all peer to peer in the web browser.

Here is an example with my son and I video chatting in voxel.js pretending to be Max Ogden:



View this example

// Create a game 
var game = require('voxel-engine')();
// Create a skin 
var dude = require('minecraft-skin')(game.THREE, 'textures/dude.png');
// Use avatar to load your webcam onto the skin 
var avatar = require('voxel-avatar')(game.THREE);
// Or use your own stream 
navigator.getUserMedia({video: true, audio: true}, function(stream) {
  avatar.onSkin(dude, window.URL.createObjectURL(stream));

webrtc example

To just get something up and running quickly do:

git clone git:// && cd voxel-avatar
npm install
npm start

This will start a server on port 9000 and a game at http://localhost:9966.

Then you can open multiple tabs and see yourself a bunch of times. If you want other players to chat then edit demo.js and change the serverip to the ip of your machine, e.g.: var serverip = 'ws://';. Then have the other players goto Each will use your server to discover each other but will all connect directly via p2p.


With npm do:

npm install voxel-avatar

Use browserify to require('voxel-avatar').

release history

  • 0.1.0 - initial release


Copyright (c) 2013 Kyle Robinson Young
Licensed under the MIT license.