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Generate musical voices with FM synthesis.


var Voice = require('../voice')
var Env   = require('../envelope')
var Comp  = require('../composite')
var ae, ce
var comp = new Comp(function (c, d, ae, ce) {
   return (
        d.sample()    // modululate the freq of c  
                      // by the amplitude of d 
        * ce.sample() // and an envelope 
        * 8
      * ae.sample() //modulate the output amplitude 
}, [
  new Voice().octave(1),    //carrier oscillator 
  new Voice().octave(0.5),  //modulator oscillator 
  ae = new Env(0.001, 3, 0, 1),  //amplitude envelope 
  ce = new Env(1, 3, 1)          //modulation envelope 


Generate a sine wave...
(and then modulate it's pitch with other oscillators & envelopes)

.pitch(p) .octave(o) .harmonic(h)

control the frequence by altering pitch (semitones) setting the octave, or by just multiplying the frequency. (harmonic)


get the amplitude for the next sample.
do not call this twice per sample.

Envelope (attack, decay, aSteepness, dSteepness)

An envelope is used to control the shape of a sound. it has two parts, attack and decay

attack is the length of time it takes for the envelope to reach 1 decay is the length of time it takes for the envelope to return to 0

the attack and decay are both parabolic.
by altering the steepness parameter, you can set whether the decay drops away quickly (steepness > 1) or stays high and then drops away. (0 < steepness < 1)


call .trigger() to start the attack again.


like for Voice, get the amplitude of the envlope for this sample.

Composite (sampleFunction, [children])

Create a new Voice from a assortment of Voices and Envelopes. You must implement the sample method (in terms of the sample methods of the parts). The other methods are added for you.

A Composite has all the methods of Voice and Envelope. Calling these will pass the call through to the children that have that method. (so .trigger() will call trigger on all the child envelopes)

See the examples folder!