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Very Ornate Code

So Literate Coffeescript is a cool idea, but why isn't there a standard JS or compile-to-JS version? JS Programmers want some love too! This is my effort to rectify this inequity.

How to use this

To use in-browser, include the marked source (and optionally the coffee-script source if desired):

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

In tooling, npm install -g voc and run against your markdown file:

$ voc

VOC style

VOC searches for markdown code blocks. Using GFM guards (triple backticks), hints after the opening backticks are used to direct content.

For example, "```>" will redirect content in the codeblock to


If a preprocessor is available, VOC can be told to use it! This is needed for certain magic cases like Makefiles (which require explicit tabs).

As described in, there are two exported methods: add and run. To add your own language preprocessor:

  1. Define the handler function (accepts code and returns JS)

  2. Add the language to the framework

  3. Profit!

See the enclosed for more information.