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The Nu Html Checker (v.Nu) is the backend of,, and Its source code is available, as are instructions on how to build, test, and run the code.

vnu.jar is a packaged version of the Nu Html Checker for batch-checking documents from the command line and from other scripts/apps.

You can work with vnu.jar in CommonJS modules.

Install latest release version

$ npm install --save vnu-jar

Install latest dev version

$ npm install --save vnu-jar@dev


For Node.js 6+

'use strict';
const exec = require ( 'child_process' ).exec;
const vnu = require ( 'vnu-jar' );
// Print path to vnu.jar 
console.log ( vnu );
// Work with vnu.jar 
// for example get vnu.jar version 
exec ( `java -jar ${vnu} --version`, ( error, stdout ) => {
    if ( error ) {
        console.error ( `exec error: ${error}` );
    console.log ( stdout );
} );


Use the vnu.jar HTML checker as an executable for command-line checking of documents by invoking it like this:

  java -jar ~/vnu.jar [--errors-only] [--exit-zero-always]
       [--asciiquotes] [--no-stream] [--format gnu|xml|json|text] [--html]
       [--skip-non-html] [--no-langdetect] [--help] [--verbose] [--version]

Note: In these instructions, replace "~/vnu.jar" with the actual path to the file on your system.

To check one or more documents from the command line:

  java -jar ~/vnu.jar FILE.html FILE2.html FILE3.HTML FILE4.html...

Note: If you get a StackOverflowError error when using the vnu.jar file, try adjusting the thread stack size by providing the -Xss option to java:

  java -Xss512k -jar ~/vnu.jar FILE.html...

To check all documents in a particular directory:

  java -jar ~/vnu.jar some-directory-name/

To check all documents in a particular directory, skipping any documents whose names don’t end with the extensions .html, .htm, .xhtml, or .xht:

  java -jar ~/vnu.jar --skip-non-html some-directory-name/

To check a Web document:

  java -jar ~/vnu.jar _URL_

  example: java -jar ~/vnu.jar

To check standard input:

  java -jar ~/vnu.jar -

  example: echo '<!doctype html><title>...' | java -jar ~/vnu.jar -


When used from the command line as described in this section, the vnu.jar executable provides the following options:


Specifies whether ASCII quotation marks are substituted for Unicode smart
quotation marks in messages.

default: "no"

possible values: "yes" or "no"


Specifies that only error-level messages and non-document-error messages are
reported (so that warnings and info messages are not reported).

default: [unset; all message reported, including warnings & info messages]


Makes the checker exit zero even if errors are reported for any documents.

default: [unset; checker exits 1 if errors are reported for any documents]

--format format

Specifies the output format for reporting the results.

default: "gnu"

possible values: "gnu", "xml", "json", "text" [see information at URL below]


Shows detailed usage information.


Skip documents that don’t have *.html, *.htm, *.xhtml, or *.xht extensions.

default: [unset; all documents found are checked, regardless of extension]


Forces any *.xhtml or *.xht documents to be parsed using the HTML parser.

default: [unset; XML parser is used for *.xhtml and *.xht documents]


Disables language detection, so that documents are not checked for missing
or mislabeled html[lang] attributes.

default: [unset; language detection & html[lang] checking are performed]


Forces all documents to be be parsed in buffered mode instead of streaming
mode (causes some parse errors to be treated as non-fatal document errors
instead of as fatal document errors).

default: [unset; non-streamable parse errors cause fatal document errors]


Specifies "verbose" output. (Currently this just means that the names of
files being checked are written to stdout.)

default: [unset; output is not verbose]


Shows the vnu.jar version number.