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    VMAP Parser, JwPlayer and VideoJs plugin

    VMAP Parser, JwPlayer and VideoJs plugin.

    Showing a VMAP ad require to parse the VMAP xml and show ad in video player. This package handle VMAP parsing (to a JS object), VideoJs plugin and JwPlayer plugin. You can use this package in Browser (umd) or Node (es).

    ## Install You can install this package with npm:

    npm install vmap-kit@latest

    or with yarn:

    yarn add vmap-kit@latest

    Parse VMAP

    To parse VMAP xml in browser you need to load the script:

    <script src="dist/parser/browser.js"></script> 

    and then parse the xml. An example of load VMAP from remote can be found in bellow:

    var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
    xhr.onreadystatechange = function() {
        if (this.readyState === 4 && this.status === 200) {
            var vmapObject = VMAP.JSON(xhr.responseText);
    };"GET", "vmap.xml");

    Video Player plugin

    The official JwPlayer's ad plugin isn't free and you can find a free version here. The VideoJs and JwPlayer plugins load the VMAP xml and show the ad.

    Currently these plugins support these types of MediaFile's mimetype:

    • image/gif
    • image/png
    • image/jpeg
    • video/mp4

    and also can play ads this start and end time offset.

    This plugins append location.href as p, document.referrer as r and a fingerprint as tid to the request of vmap.

    Warning: from 1.0.3 version, the plugin name change from vmap to vast.

    JwPlayer VMAP Plugin

    To show ad in JwPlayer you need put this config in your JwPlayer config:

    var playerInstance = jwplayer("video");
        plugins: {
            "dist/jwplayer/vmap.js": {}
        advertising: {
            client: "vast",
            schedule: "/sample/vmap.xml" // VMAP endpoint address

    An example of JwPlayer can be found here.

    VideoJs VMAP Plugin

    To show ad in VideoJs you need load the plugin script:

    <script src="/dist/videojs/vmap.js"></script>

    and then config the VideoJs to show ad in its options:

    plugins: {
            vast: {
                requestUrl: '/sample/vmap.xml',

    An example of JwPlayer can be found here.

    ### Todo List

    • Tests
    • Support other time offsets

    ### License The license of this package is MIT License and is being developed in ClickYab.


    npm i vmap-kit

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