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Vite Plugin Data

A Vite plugin that resolves the exports of data loaders at build-time and replaces the original file source with the pre-resolved exports.

A "data loader" is a source file with one of the following extensions:

  • .data.js
  • .data.cjs
  • .data.mjs
  • .data.ts
  • .data.cts
  • .data.mts

Getting Started

Install the plugin.

npm install --save-dev vite-plugin-data

Add the plugin to your Vite configuration.

import { data } from 'vite-plugin-data';

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [

Create a data loader with exports that should be resolved at build-time.


export const timestamp =;

The bundled content from this file will be equivalent to the following, where the actual timestamp value was the result of at build-time.

export const timestamp = 1634160000000;

Import the the data loader just like any other source file. No special handling is required for Typescript, because the export types are the same.

import { timestamp } from './';

Plugin Options


A Vite configuration (UserConfig) object that is used to transpile/bundle data loaders. By default, the plugin uses an internal Vite configuration that only inherits the root and resolve.alias options from parent configuration.

  // Custom Vite configuration used to transpile/bundle data loaders.
  config: {
    build: {
      target: 'node20',


Ignore file patterns which should not be treated as data loaders.

  // Ignore all test files.
  ignore: ['**/*.@(spec|test).*']

NOTE: Files inside node_modules directories are always ignored.

Data Loader Dependencies

Data loaders may use file system resources that are not imported or required. These dependencies can't be detected automatically, so they must be defined explicitly. This is done using a special configuration comment in a data loader file.

Here's an example of a data loader that reads the contents of a text file.

/* vite-plugin-data {
  dependencies: ["./data.txt"]
} */

const text = await fs.readFile(path.resolve(__dirname, './data.txt'), 'utf8');

The configuration comment is always a block comment with a vite-plugin-data prefix, followed by a JSON-like configuration object. The dependencies property is an array of glob patterns that the data loader depends on.

NOTE: Relative paths must start with a dot (.) and are relative to the data loader directory (__dirname), just like a relative import/require path would be.

NOTE: The JSON-like configuration value is parsed as Relaxed JSON (aka: RJSON). The most important differences are that simple keys and values do not need to be quoted, and single (') or backtick (`) quotes can be used in place of double quotes (") when necessary.

NOTE: The dependencies configuration only works if the paths are watched by Vite. Vite only watches the root directory. This plugin does not watch any additional paths. If your data loader has dependencies outside of the root, then you will need to use a custom configuration and/or additional plugins to add additional paths to the watcher so that HMR is aware of changes to those dependency files.


JSON-Safe Exports

Data loader resolved exports must be JSON-safe values or promises for JSON-safe values.

JSON-safe values include the following types:

  • Any primitive
  • Any value with a toJSON method
  • Any object that is not a class instance and contains only JSON-safe values
  • Any array that contains only JSON-safe values

Exported promises are awaited at build-time. The resolved value is injected into the bundle wrapped in a pre-resolved promise (eg. Promise.resolve(<value>)). This allows for asynchronous data loading at build-time in contexts where top-level awaits are not supported (eg. CommonJS modules).

Side Effects

Data loaders are not tree-shaken at build-time, so they can have build-time side-effects.

However, the final bundle does not contain the data loader source, only its static exports. So, data loaders cannot have runtime side-effects. As such, the transpiled data is marked as side-effect-free and can be tree-shaken out of the final bundle.


In addition to the Vite plugin, the following exports are also available.


Get the exports of a data loader. This will bundle the data loader entrypoint, and import the generated bundle.

This is used by the plugin to get each data loader's exports.


async function load(filename: string, config?: UserConfig): Promise<Result>;


import { load, Result } from 'vite-plugin-data';

const result: Result = await load('./', {
  // Optional Vite config for data loader bundling.


A Result instance.


Convert data loader exports (or any JSON-safe object) to a string of Javascript code.

This function is used by the plugin to generate bundle code for each data loader's exports. The code is a collection of export statements corresponding to the properties in the exports object. The default property produces a default export, and all other properties produce named (const) exports.


async function compile(exports: Record<string, unknown>): Promise<string>;


const code = await compile({
  default: 42,
  foo: 'FOO',
  bar: getSomeStringAsynchronously() satisfies Promise<string>,


A string of Javascript code. The above example would produce the following code string.

export default 42;
export const foo = "FOO";
export const bar = Promise.resolve("string returned by async function");


The result type returned by the load function. It contains the data loader exports and dependency information.

Property: exports

An exports object imported from a data loader bundle.

Property: dependencies

An array of absolute paths to all modules included in the data loader bundle.

Property: dependencyPatterns

An array of normalized dependency glob patterns defined in the data loader configuration comment.

Method: dependsOn


function dependsOn(this: Result, filename: string): boolean;


if (result.dependsOn('/absolute/path/to/some/modified/file')) {
  // Invalidate the HMR module for the data loader that produced the result.


True if the absolute filename matches one of the result dependencies or dependencyPatterns. False otherwise.

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