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    vite-plugin-cloudflare 🔥

    Vite-plugin-cloudflare is a plugin for transforming & bundling cloudflare workers with shimming modern node polyfills like process, os, stream and other node global functions and modules using Esbuild and Vite!

    • Universal Vite plugin
    • Lightning builds
    • Workers compatible build using shimming
    • Fast development and HMR compatible reloads
    • Builtin Miniflare support


    npm i --save-dev vite-plugin-cloudflare


    // vite.config.js
    import { defineConfig } from "vite";
    import vpc from "vite-plugin-cloudflare";
    export default defineConfig({
      plugins: [vpc({ scriptPath: "./worker/index.ts" })],

    The plugin gets an options object with this type signature.

    type Options = {
      // miniflare specific options for development (optional)
      miniflare?: Omit<MiniflareOptions, "script" | "watch">;
      // the worker file (required)
      scriptPath: string;

    Since this plugin works with Esbuild, options passed to the esbuild field of your vite plugin will affect the worker result, unless they are not compatible with the BuildOptions type of Esbuild.


    You can start your Vite dev server and continue developing your applications. As previously mentioned, this plugin integrates Miniflare with Vite, so you'd have a nice experience writing your workers.

     vite dev


    When building, the plugin is going to start bundling your worker at the end of the vite bundling phase and generates it into the config.outDir with the worker.js file name.

     vite build


    vite v3.0.4 building for production...
    ✓ 6 modules transformed.
    dist/assets/typescript.f6ead1af.svg   1.40 KiB
    dist/index.html                       0.44 KiB
    dist/assets/index.2547d205.js         1.41 KiB / gzip: 0.72 KiB
    dist/assets/index.d0964974.css        1.19 KiB / gzip: 0.62 KiB
    🔥 [cloudflare] bundled worker file in 'dist/worker.js'


    Update your wrangler config to be compatible with the build, for instance, here's a config that uses the dist/worker.js bundled worker file generated by vite-plugin-cloudflare and serves the assets from the vite build:

    # wrangler.toml
    name = "vite-ssr-worker"
    main = "./dist/worker.js"
    compatibility_date = "2022-08-10"
    bucket = "./dist/client"

    The values may change based on your build

    Skip Requests

    Vite has some builtin middlewares that handle different types of requests from the client, and in a Vite plugin, we can inject our middlewares along vite ones.

    Vite-plugin-cloudflare injects a middleware, that is responsible for handling the worker, So every request from the client (browser) may come to your worker first, before vite native middlewares. These requests can be assets, transforms and other types of vite-related requests that should not be handled by vite-plugin-cloudflare and instead, they should be handled by vite.

    This concern only occurs in dev mode, so no worries when building for production

    Here's how we handle these type of requests in vite-plugin-cloudflare.

    addEventListener("fetch", (event) => {
      const { pathname } = new URL(url);
      if (pathname.startsWith("/api")) {
        new Response("", {
          headers: {
            "x-skip-request": "",

    The x-skip-request header enforces vite-plugin-cloudflare to skip the response of the worker and passes the request to the next vite middleware, so Vite would handle the request instead.


    Mohammad Bagher


    Feel free to create issues/discussions and then PRs for the project!




    npm i vite-plugin-cloudflare

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