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Wraps a leveldown-compatible module as such as no changes are made on the original database instance. Instead it writes all put/del to memory. When performing get it first checks the memory and only fetched from the original source if it's not in memory. This means when using virtualdown it looks like the original database is changed, but in reality nothing is.

Install with npm install virtualdown

You can get your leveldown drop-in by wrapping it around another leveldown module:

var myVirtualDown = require('virtualdown')(somethingDOWN)

It is a generalisation of the virtual-leveldown module.


var virtualDown = require('virtualdown')
var leveldown = require('leveldown')
var virtualLevelDown = virtualDOWN(leveldown)
var db = virtualLevelDown('mydatabase') // filled with cats () {
    db.put('doggy', 'dogdog', function (err) {
      db.get('doggy', function (value) {
        // value == 'dogdog' 
        // but the dog is not in 'mydatabase' on disk