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JSX transpiler for vtrees. Desugar JSX into virtual-dom nodes.


npm install virtual-dom-jsx


This JSX:

/** @jsx h */
var h = require('virtual-hyperscript');
var profile = <div>
  <img src="avatar.png" class="profile" />
  <h3>{[user.firstName, user.lastName].join(' ')}</h3>

is transformed into this JavaScript:

var h = require('virtual-hyperscript');
var profile = h('div', null, [
  h('img', { src: "avatar.png", class: "profile" }),
  h('h3', null, [[user.firstName, user.lastName].join(' ')])



Only files with the /** @jsx DOM */ docblock will be parsed unless options.ignoreDocblock is set. The constructor name for the virtual DOM node is taken from the @jsx definition.

jsx.parse(str, options)

Desugar JSX into virtual dom nodes and return transformed string.

jsx.parseFile(path, options)

Desugar JSX in file into virtual dom nodes and return transformed string.


  • ignoreDocblock Parse files without docblock. If true, options.jsx must also be set (default: false).
  • tagMethods Use tag as method instead of argument (default: false). If true, DOM.h1() instead of DOM('h1').
  • jsx name of virtual DOM node constructor (default: false).

BSD Licensed