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A plugin for the Brightcove Player to inject metadata from a Video Cloud video in to the page as structured data. It uses the JSON-LD format supported by Google for video SEO, e.g.

<script type="application/ld+json">
  "name":"Big Buck Bunny",
  "description":"(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation /",

As seen by Google:

The embedUrl is only included if the social plugin is present and its removeEmbed option is not true.


schemaId - the value to use as @id in the metadata. This must be a unique URI which represents the video, but not necessarily a "real" URL. This is arbitrary and might be a value like{id} or{id} or{id}#the-video.

Accepts {id}, {referenceId}, {playerId}, {embedId} and {accountId} as macros.

Defaults to{accountId}/{playerId}_{embedId}/index.html?videoId={id}

keywords - if true, include tags as keywords. Default is false.

excludeTags - array of tags to not include as keywords in the schema metadata, e.g. ["youtubesync"]

baseObject - an option object of properties onto which to build the video specific metadata. For example this could be used to include a publisher object:

includeEmbedUrl - if false, no embed url is included. Inlcuding thisURL may be expected by search engines. Default is true.

skipRules - used to exclude videos from having schema metadata generated, based on their video cloud metadata. Can be tags and / or custom fields. If multiple tags, fields or both are specified, matching any excludes.

skipRules.customFields - any object of field-value pairs. If a field present and set to the value in the video's custom fields, no schema metadata is created. e.g. {category: 'unlisted'}

skipRules.tags - any array of one or more tags. If any one is present in the video's metadata, no schema metadata is created. e.g. ['notthistag']

transcript - if true, a captions or subtitles track with a matching language will be added as a transcript. Default is false.

transcriptMatchAny - if true and transcript is also true, a transcript will be added from the first usable track, if there is no language match. Default is false.

"baseObject": {
  "publisher": {
    "@type": "Organization",
    "name": "Publisher name",
    "logo": {
      "@type": "ImageObject",
      "url": "",
      "width": 600,
      "height": 60

preferLongDescription - if true, use the long description if available. If false, or true and long description is not set then the (short) description field will be used. Default is false.

Description metadata

By default, the short description field is used as the description text. If the preferLongDescription option is set, the long description will be used instead, falling back to short description if empty. If the short description (or both long and short descriptions with preferLongDescription) is empty, then the title is used since no description is considered invlaid schema.


Add as a plugin to a player in Video Cloud Studio:

  • Under "plugins" click "add a plugin", 'custom plugin"
  • Plugin name is schema
  • Javascript URL is
  • No CSS
  • Leave blank unless using options above, in which case
  "schemaId": "{id}"
  • Save, then publish



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