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This provides two tools to ease the transition from video.js 4.x to 5.x.

The videojs-4to5 Binary

When installed globally, this package creates a binary which can be used to automatically refactor code written for video.js 4.x to work with 5.x.

npm install -g videojs-4to5

Run the script in a shell, pass it directories and/or files:

videojs-4to5 my-project some-file.js

All JavaScript files will be edited in place (unless you do a --dry-run).


For all options, see: videojs-4to5 -h.

The Plugin

We recommend using the binary to update your code, but this package also includes a plugin which can be included in your web page(s) to shim in video.js 4.x APIs to a 5.x environment. This shimming is not meant to provide perfect 1:1 compatibility, but it should address virtually all use-cases.

Getting the Plugin

If you have installed via npm (strongly preferred), the plugin will be available in both its original state and minified in dist/plugin.(min.)js. You'll probably want to install it locally within your project for this use-case (i.e. not -g).

If you have installed via Bower, the plugin will only be available in its original state in src/plugin.js. Supporting Bower with a minified version would mean checking dist/ into the repository which is not desirable. We may reevaluate that choice in the future.