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    VFS is an experimental wrapper around SSHFS written in Node.js. It makes it possible to mount remote filesystems accessible through SFTP over WebSockets (instead of common SFTP over SSH).

    In future, it might support other kinds of virtual filesystems as well.

    Note: At the client side, Linux with sshfs and Node.js is required.

    Getting started

    1. Setup an SFTP over WebSockets server at the remote machine (or skip this step and try wss://
    2. Install sshfs at the client (in Debian/Ubuntu, run apt-get install sshfs as root).
    3. Install vfs at the client by running npm install vfs (add -g as root to install globally).
    4. Mount a remote filesystem to a local directory by running vfs url mountpoint (for example vfs wss:// ~/sftp). Optionally, add --path=path_name to specify a remote path if you only wish to mount a part of the remote filesystem.
    5. Enjoy the remote filesystem! :-)

    Missing features

    • Add the ability to easily start the filesystem client in the background.
    • Make it possible to pass SSHFS and FUSE options from command line.
    • More authentication options (only Basic authentication is supported at the moment, which is insufficient).


    npm i vfs

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