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This is an NPM of the stable version of the Verovio JavaScript toolkit.

Verovio is a fast, portable and lightweight library for engraving Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) music scores into SVG.

See it running in the MEI Viewer and check out the tutorial for its web integration and for enabling user interaction.

Basic usage

const verovio = require('verovio');
const fs = require('fs');

/* Wait for verovio to load */
verovio.module.onRuntimeInitialized = function ()
   // create the toolkit instance
   const vrvToolkit = new verovio.toolkit();
   // read the MEI file
   mei = fs.readFileSync('hello.mei');
   // load the MEI data as string into the toolkit
   // render the fist page as SVG
   svg = vrvToolkit.renderToSVG(1, {});
   // save the SVG into a file
   fs.writeFileSync('hello.svg', svg);

Usage with ESM

This package also provides an ESM version which can be used with a modularized build of the Verovio module. Use .mjs as file extension when using this directly in Node.js or set "type": "module" in your package.json.

import createVerovioModule from 'verovio/wasm';
import { VerovioToolkit } from 'verovio/esm';
import fs from 'node:fs';

createVerovioModule().then(VerovioModule => {
   const verovioToolkit = new VerovioToolkit(VerovioModule);
   const score = fs.readFileSync('hello.mei').toString();
   const data = verovioToolkit.renderToSVG(1);

This is the recommended way to use Verovio when creating a website or web app with bundlers like webpack or Vite or when using JavaScript frameworks like React or Vue.js.

Usage with CommonJS

Alternatively this package also exports a version compatible with CommonJS

const createVerovioModule = require('verovio/wasm');
const { VerovioToolkit } = require('verovio/esm');

Humdrum support

Since version 3.11.0 the npm package provides an additional module with Humdrum support:

import createVerovioModule from 'verovio/wasm-hum';

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