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AWS Lambda framework for building functions using Node.js for API Gateway, IoT applications, and other AWS events.


  • Simplifies writing lambda handlers
  • Automatically verifies event types
  • Powerful input validation
  • Works with Serverless
  • JSON Web Token (JWT) verification and validation
  • JWK support for retrieving keys at startup
  • Automatic loading of environment variables from SSM Parameter Store
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF) detection when using JWT
  • SQL Injection (SQLi) detection and protection
  • Lambda Proxy Resource support for AWS API Gateway
  • Handler initialization for allocating resources
  • Post handler execution to allow deallocation of resources
  • Forces values into correct types
  • Handles uncaught exceptions
  • Promise support
  • Automatically trimmed strings for input event data
  • Low startup overhead
  • AWS Lambda Node.js 12.x


Install via npm.

npm install vandium --save

Getting Started

Vandium creates event specific handlers to reduce the amount of code than one needs to maintain. The following handler code will respond with a message when executed using the AWS API Gateway with a GET request:

const vandium = require( 'vandium' );
// handler for an api gateway event
exports.handler = vandium.api()
        .GET( (event) => {
            // return greeting
            return 'Hello ' + event.pathParmeters.name + '!';

The framework can process asynchronous responses using promises. The following code returns a User object from a datastore asynchronously:

const vandium = require( 'vandium' );
// our datastore access object
const Users = require( './users' );
// handler for an api gateway event
exports.handler = vandium.api()
                pathParmeters: {
                    name: 'string:min=1,max=100,required'
            .handler( async (event) => {
                // returns a promise that resolves the User by name
                return await Users.getUser( event.pathParmeters.name );

Additionally, resources can be closed at the end, success or failure, of the handler. Failure to close resources might cause the lambda function to timeout or run for longer than is required. The following code demonstrates closing a cache after the handler has been called:

const vandium = require( 'vandium' );
// our datastore access object
const Users = require( './users' );
// object caching - automatically connects on first access
const cache = require( './cache' );
// handler for an api gateway event
exports.handler = vandium.api()
        .GET((event) => {
            // returns a promise that resolves the User by name
            return Users.getUser( event.pathParmeters.name );
        .finally( () => {
            // returns a promise that closes the cache connection
            return cache.close();

Vandium supports the following types of AWS Lambda events:

  • API Gateway
  • Cloudformation
  • Cloudwatch
  • Cognito
  • Dynamodb
  • Kinesis
  • Alexa
  • S3
  • Scheduled
  • SES
  • SNS


For documentation on how to use vandium in your project, please see our documentation page.


We'd love to get feedback on how to make this tool better. Feel free to contact us at feedback@vandium.io




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