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Validation Tracker

Monitors rippled logs and parses out validation events from the network nodes


npm install -g validation-tracker


All configuration is done via environment variables according to the principles of the Twelve Factor App

In addition to the database-specific environment variables the following must be set:

  • RIPPLED_LOG_PATH - [debug_logfile] in rippled.cfg
  • RIPPLED_PUBKEY_NODE - pubkey_node from rippled server_info


The validation tracker may log new validations to one or more database systems:


validation-tracker --stdout

HTTP Service

export HTTP_AUTH_USER=username
export HTTP_AUTH_PASS=password
validation-tracker --http


export VALIDATION_TRACKER_POSTGRES_URL=postgres://user:pass@
validation-tracker --postgres


export HBASE_HOST=
export HBASE_PORT=12345
export HBASE_TABLE=ledger_validations
validation-tracker --hbase


export STATSD_PORT=6789
validation-tracker --graphite

All the datastores!

validation-tracker --http --graphite --stdout --hbase --postgres

To see all available options run validation-tracker --help


The core class is RippledLogMonitor which tails the rippled logs and parses out validation events, formatting them as JSON and logging to the console.

To extend the monitor functionality create a subclass of RippledLogMonitor and override the onValidation(validation) method.

By default validation-tracker will exit without a database option specified


Local VM Setup

Use vagrant to provision a local virtual machine with validation-tracker installed. By default the Vagrantfile provides an ansible-based provisioner. Please install VirtualBox before provisioning the development environment

vagrant up --provision

The above command will start a new virtual machine based on ubuntu 14.04 64-bit using VirtualBox and run the vagrant play to provision the validation-tracker.

Ansible Vault Password Prompt

Environment variables are encrpyted in ansible/vault/development.yml and you will be prompted to enter in the password for ansible vault. The password for is password12345

Modifying Source Code

In development you must run gulp to create a build