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Validation Plugin for Bootstrap 3 and jQuery

jQuery plugin for Bootstrap to validate form

written by Michael A Smith May 12 2015



  • Validates input[type=text,checkbox,radio,email (regex for format),number], select and textarea
  • Follows HTML5 required, min attribute.
  • Defines error messages through data- attributes
  • Uses native Bootstrap 3 styling for displaying errors messages


Install with Bower:

bower install validate-bootstrap.jquery

Also with NPM:

npm install validate-bootstrap.jquery


Initiate the validator with


Once initiated, will add $.fn.valid() plugin for use on form controls.

Default options:

    alert: 'The form has some invalid fields. Please review.',
    checkbox: true,
    helpBlockClass:'help-block with-errors',
    radio: true,
    validHandlers: {},
    validOnBlur: true,
    validOnKeyUp: false,
    validRadioCheckOnClick: true
  • alert: false or string. The message to alert() user when .validator('check')
  • checkbox: validate checkboxes, true/false
  • dataErrorMsg: data-* attribute to specify error message. data-error-msg by default
  • defaultMsg: default error message
  • formGroupErrorClass: error class to assign to form-group
  • helpBlockClass: classes to assign to help-block
  • radio: validate radio buttons, true/false
  • validateSelecters: jQuery selecters for inputs to validate (not radio, checkbox. use radio and checkbox options)
  • validHandlers: custom error handler functions. see section on errorHandlers below
  • validOnBlur: validate form-control onBlur, true/false
  • validOnKeyUp: validate form-control onKeyUp, true/false
  • validRadioCheckOnClick: validate radio / checkboxes when clicked

Basic Example

//initiate validator
//check valid before submitting
$('form').submit(function(e) {
    if ($('form').validator('check') < 1) {
        ...process submit...

HTML Markup, Radio & Checkboxes

Form element must contain novalidate property.

To make HTML element required, add the required attribute:

<input type="text" id="name" required>

Add data-error-msg="custom error message" or min="3" if desired.

To make a radio or checkbox group required:

  1. Assign name attribute properly to all items in the group.
  2. Add required and data-error-msg attributes to first radio or checkbox in group.
  3. Message will be appended to parent form-group of first item.

Custom Valid Handler

Custom valid handlers may be added by adding a function object to the validHandlers setting. The function object should be identified by a jQuery selecter and will then be applied to all inputs matching that selecter.

Return true if valid. Before returning true/false, formatting could be done on the input value.

For example, with:

<input type='text' class='customhandler form-control'>

Create a custom handler which changes the value to upper-case text and checks to see if it equals "JQUERY".

    validHandlers: {
        '.customhandler':function(input) {
            //may do some formatting before validating
            //return true if valid
            return input.val() === 'JQUERY' ? true : false;

Handling select2 and Bootstrap

In my experience, select2 and Bootstrap don't play super well together. Even with select2-bootstrap-css there are still visibility issues.

A couple of hacks are required to make select2 and bootstrap work with this plugin.

  • Make sure to include select2-boostrap-css in your project.
  • Add the following styles to highlight the select2 input with errors:
.form-group.has-error .select2-selection {
  • Add the following binding on select change event:
$('select').on('change',function() {

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