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Simpel command line JSON validator with an API, in nodejs >=7.0.0.

Tested to work in Windows PowerShell and *nix bash terminal.


npm i -g valid-json-cli


Usage:  validjson path [options]
        cat file.json | validjson [options]
        validjson [options] < file.json
      -s, --silent     no text output - will still exit with exitcode 0 or 1
  -V, -v, --version    display version number and exit
      -h, --help       display this help and exit

Currently the only option which does something is --silent, which supresses error hint on error. It does not matter if you set the option before or after the path if you supply a file as parameter. Unknown parameters are ignored.

The difference between validjson file.json and validjson < file.json is that in the former, nodejs fs is reading the file and in the latter, your terminal (e.i. bash etc) is reading the file and streaming it to validjson.

displays errors in color on the command line


validjson({String} json, {Boolean} [silent]) : {Boolean} valid

  • json - the input you want to validate as JSON
  • silent - an optional option to silent validjson on error - defaults to false
"use strict"
// API: validjson({String} json, {Boolean} [silent]) : {Boolean} valid 
const validjson = require("valid-json-cli")
const http = require("http")
const request = http.request({ hostname: "" }, response => {
    let json = ""
    response.on("data", (chunk) => {
        json += chunk
    response.on("end", () => {
        console.log(`JSON data is ${validjson(json, true) ? "valid" : "invalid"}`)

Live example:

Installation and usage within a project

npm i --save valid-json-cli
yarn add valid-json-cli

npm and yarn example

In your package.json you can add:

    "validjson": "validjson",
    "json": "validjson < file.json && echo Good to go!"

Now you can use it via npm run validjson from outside npm e.i. Make.

file.js : file1.json
    npm run validjson -- --silent $<
    # do something more

Make example


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright © 2016 Jon Ege Ronnenberg