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    Valence Dev Tools

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    Developer tools for Valence projects.

    Installing Valence Dev Tools

    npm install -g valence-devtools

    Using Valence Dev Tools


    First, you'll need to setup your access token for a Valence Update Server.

    Once you have a token from the server, run this command to configure it locally:

    covalence token replaceThisStringWithTheToken

    Key Management

    Next, you're going to need a keypair. Keypairs consist of a signing key (also known as a "private key" or "secret key" in cryptography), and a verification key (also known as a "public key").

    covalence keygen

    By default, this will only generate a keypair and store it locally.

    The default behavior was chosen so that, if you would like to generate your signing keys offline and then shepherd the verification key to an Internet-connected computer, you can.

    Run covalence export FILENAME to get the verification key, and covalence associate FILENAME it with your publisher account. These commands do not need to be run on the same machine, but the file created by the export command is necessary for the associate command.

    You may also run covalence backup and covalence restore to make copies of your signing keys.

    Command Line Interface

    init (covalence init)

    Creates an empty valence.json file. Useful for converting existing Electron apps to use the Valence auto-update framework.

    begin (covalence begin)

    Run this whenever you want to start building a new release.

    since (covalence since TAG)

    Adds all of the files changed since a particular git tag. Useful for quickly creating a release file.

    add (covalence add FILE)

    Run this command to add a file to the release package.

    ship (covalence ship VERSION CHANNEL)

    Builds, signs, and uploads your package. Note that this can be broken up into separate atomic steps:

    1. covalence package
    2. covalence sign path/to/
    3. covalence upload VERSION CHANNEL




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