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    Welcome to V-Money-Spinner

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    V-Money-Spinner for Vue3 is a component which can preset a input spinner with mask currency and style bootstrap, this latter can be disabled.

    Notice: Migration Vue2 to Vue3 || I need V-Money-Spinner for Vue2



    Enjoy 😄


    npm i v-money-spinner
    import MoneySpinner from 'v-money-spinner'


        <v-money-spinner v-model="amount" v-bind="config"></v-money-spinner>
        {{ amount }}
      export default {
        data () {
          return {
            amount: 123.45,
            config: {
              spinner: true,
              step: 10,
              min: -10,
              max: 200,
              prefix: "$ ",
              suffix: " MXN",
              precision: 2,
              decimal: '.',
              thousands: ',',
              template: "bootstrap",
              masked: true,
              disableNegative: false,
              align: "center",


    Property Type Default Description
    spinner Boolean true Apply spinner buttons to the input
    step Number 1 Number of steps
    precision Number 2 How many decimal places
    decimal String "." Decimal separator
    thousands String "," Thousands separator
    prefix String "" Currency symbol followed by a Space, like "R$ "
    suffix String "" Percentage for example: " %"
    min Number null The min value allowed
    max Number null The max value allowed
    template String "bootstrap" Apply template styles, use false if you not need template
    masked Boolean false If the component output should include the mask or not
    allowBlank Boolean false If the field can start blank and be cleared out by user
    disableNegative Boolean false Don't allow negative values
    minCharacters Number 0 Minimum number of characters (leading zero)
    id String "v-money-spinner" Input id
    label String "" Text for label tag
    align String "center" Change by "left" or "right" to align the text in the input


    Event Parameters Description
    change unformatted, formatted, old_amount Fires when the input value change
    plus unformatted, formatted Fires when user click on the plus button
    minus unformatted, formatted Fires when user click on the minus button
    positive unformatted, formatted, old_amount Fires when the amount change to positive
    negative unformatted, formatted, old_amount Fires when the amount change to negative

    Classes (style css)

    Classes Description
    labelClass Class for the label tag
    inputClass Class for the input tag
    prependClass Class for the left button tag
    appendClass Class for the right button tag
    wrapperClass Class for div contains all money-spinner
    wrapperGroupClass Class for div contains input and the buttons

    Migration Vue2 -> Vue3

    Summary of changes of the VMoneySpinner files and documentation to help you migrate from Vue2 to Vue3.

    New Core

    Previously for the use of the VMoneySpinner with Vue2 was used as core the component VMoney by @vuejs-tips, now for Vue3 is used as core VMoney3 by @jonathanpmartins.


    • Added disableNegative (by core) for block the use of negative numbers.
    • Added minCharacters alias minimumNumberOfCharacters (by core) for insert 0 digit that comes before the first nonzero digit.
    • Breaking Renamed bootstrap to template for the handling different templates though string.
    • Breaking Dropped amend and invalidMessage since the new core does not allow to exceed the properties maximum and minimum.


    • Breaking Change/Update classes (style css) default of Bootstrap 4.6 to Bootstrap 5.1.
    • Breaking Dropped wrapperPrependClass for change in structure of Bootstrap 5.


    • Breaking Dropped exceeded since the new core does not allow to exceed the properties maximum and minimum.

    I need for Vue2

    Install for Vue2

    npm i v-money-spinner@0.1.8

    Configuration for Vue2



    npm i v-money-spinner

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