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    μts2 Tests npm bundle size

    μts is a miniature time-series database utility suitable for embedded or frontend web applications, weighing in at about 1.5 KB minified and gzipped.

    This was originally written at Mixer.


    npm install --save uts


    Reading the source and the tests are the best way to see what it can do.

    μts is schemaless, data is arranged in points, which contain one more columns, within series. Aggregations can be run which operate on points or columns. Currently supported aggregations are:

    • db.max(column: string) extracts the maximum value for the column
    • db.minimum(column: string) extracts the minimum value for the column
    • db.mean(column: string) calculates the mean for the column
    • string) returns the most recent value in the column
    • db.derivative(column: string) calculates the change in a column
    • string) extracts a list of column values from points in the series
    • (pt: Point) => any) can extract any data you want from points in the series!
    • db.reduce(iterator: (current: T, pt: Point) => T, initial: T) can reduce a column to a single data point.
    import { TSDB } from "uts";
    const db = new TSDB();
      metrics: {
        mean: db.mean('bits'),
      where: {
          time: { is: '>', than: - 5 * 60 * 100 }
      group: db.interval(30 * 1000, true),
    // returns =>
        group: { start: 1459513952592, end: 1459513982592 },
        results: {
          mean: 3511


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